Sometimes these reminders need to be said: MUCH of social media, in particular Facebook, consists of scam ads. The too-good-to-be-true advertisements that show up in your feed usually are.   If you see a marvelous product you want with a really low price and free shipping, use your head. Use Google to search the product, and […]


TRUE STORY: One of our artists brought us a client who wanted design work done. They asked him to start and would pre-pay. So far, so good. Even before we received the check, the client sent me multiple emails requesting a deposit receipt to confirm we’d received/ deposited the check. While doing so, he wrote […]


<<<Thanks for showing me. The work isn’t quite at the level we need for our clients.   In terms of page details, a few quick notes: * Page 1 – Establishing shot/setting problems.  In the panel 1 establishing shot, the only things to Bruce Banner’s right are double-doors, a smaller window, and the fast food service […]


Today I received this email: “I’m looking for some advice. I’m an aspiring comic artist, I’m still learning by attending the last year of comic school. I’d like to know what a professional penciler or colorist portfolio should look like for you.” Here was my answer:   Before submitting your portfolio, take the time to check […]


True story: Two writers with whom I work dreamed up a TESLA comic book that teamed the real-life genius inventor Nikola Tesla with his real-life author friend Mark Twain for a buddy-action-movie-style series of adventures. At once clever and exciting and (overall) historically accurate, the scripts were illustrated by Filipino artist Bong Dazo, best known […]


True story: A publisher planned to make a big splash at Comic-Con. He had an impressive 20’ x 20’ booth space in a desirable location and wanted to make the most of it. He’d ordered a massive metal booth from China that got shipped in directly to the Con. It all sounded great. The booth […]


True story: A publisher made a deal to produce comics and posters featuring a popular YouTube celebrity. Glass House Graphics created 10 painted covers for the project. Because the celeb agreed to attend Comic-Con and spend the whole time signing at the booth, the publisher decided to release all the images as retail posters. “We’ll […]


Decades ago, DC Licensing contacted us for Mike Deodato to draw a superhero lithograph to be sold exclusively through the Warner Bros. Studio Store. At the time he spoke no English, so I worked with a coordinator in Brazil to handle the jobs. Deodato gladly accepted the assignment. DC Licensing was clear about the SIZE. […]


SPOILERS!  I waited this long to post my thoughts on THE FLASH movie, so most folks who wanted to had a chance to see it.  This is NOT about Ezra Miller’s dumpster-fire real life; it is about the movie. I didn’t mind it while watching it, but the further into the movie we got, the more it […]

Missing in Action

True story: A very slow-but-excellent artist had been abusing playing the “I need an advance on the pages to pay bills” card. Still, he was so good we were planning his next project, and I traveled a significant distance to meet with him to discuss the details, a lunch we’d planned a week ahead. He […]

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