<<<Thanks for showing me.

The work isn’t quite at the level we need for our clients.  

In terms of page details, a few quick notes:

* Page 1 – Establishing shot/setting problems.  In the panel 1 establishing shot, the only things to Bruce Banner’s right are double-doors, a smaller window, and the fast food service area.   In panel two, the soldiers smash through from…where?  It’s not through the too-small window. Why would they need to shatter a door they can simply open?  That means there was another display window somewhere, but you didn’t establish it. 

* Page 2 – What’s more, you don’t EVER establish it on the pages that follow! Instead, you use out-of-place manga lines, to cover up that the soldier had to STEP BACK several feet in order to aim and shoot his oversized weapon.  Given that Bruce Banner was up against a wall in his booth, the blast must have destroyed the booth and the wall behind him, in order for there to be that much space in the bottom panel.

* Page 3 – I honestly lost all understanding of WHERE this is taking place.  No backgrounds, no context.  Are they outside now?  Still inside?>>>


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