Missing in Action

True story: A very slow-but-excellent artist had been abusing playing the “I need an advance on the pages to pay bills” card. Still, he was so good we were planning his next project, and I traveled a significant distance to meet with him to discuss the details, a lunch we’d planned a week ahead. He was bringing with him pages of art we’d sold to a client, that I would ship for him.

He didn’t show, didn’t text, didn’t call. I texted him multiple times. “I’m already seated, our table is in the back.” “Are you here?” “Are you on your way?” No answer. I ate lunch and left.

More than a week later, he sent one page of art and, of course, asked for an advance on the next pages as he fell further behind.

What was his explanation for not showing up, not warning me ahead of time he wasn’t coming? “Dave I’m sorry if I didn’t make it to the meeting for some reasons.”

That’s right, he emailed me a placeholder and didn’t even put in the excuse.

So my reply, when he asked for another advance? “I’m sorry, I can’t do that anymore for some reasons.”

Was I wrong?


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