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We offer top-notch professional services in advertising, cartoons, film special effects, gaming, publishing and more, making us the largest provider in the industry.

Empowering Storytellers Worldwide

Glass House Graphics is dedicated to helping people share stories through the power of animation, comic book design and more. Our unique value proposition lies in our 30+ years of experience, diverse collaboration across 7 countries with talented artists from all over the world, and full-service production capabilities spanning animation, comic books, film FX, gaming, publishing and more. We empower storytellers by giving them access to tools that enable them to bring their ideas to life—our mission is to help create works of art that connect people emotionally; while our vision is a global creative space where visually captivating messages can be shared without boundaries.

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Professional Services for All Your Animation and Comic Book Design Needs​​

Glass House Graphics is home to a diverse team of experienced writers, artists, painters, colorists, and letterers. Our comprehensive suite of services encompasses design, prepress, printing, consulting solutions, and more, catering to a wide range of industries such as advertising, cartooning, film special effects, gaming, publishing, and beyond.​


Revolutionizing visual storytelling through cutting-edge animation services for commercials, TV shows, presentations, and feature films.

Comic Books and Strips

Our team of talented artists, from skilled pencillers to expert colorists, collaborate to bring your stories to life with stunning detail and captivating style.

Books & More

Transform your book, magazine, or trading cards with Glass House's expert cover, product art, and spot illustrations, unlocking limitless possibilities and elevating your design to exceptional artistic creations.

Storyboards & Game Concepts

Bring your imagination to life with our Storyboards & Game Concepts service that offers visually captivating, full-color presentation storyboards, black-and-white sketches, and creative solutions for cartoons, commercials, feature films, music videos, and more, delivering performance and passion on paper.


Craft captivating and compelling stories with Glass House Graphics' exceptional writing services. Our experienced team of writers will bring your ideas to life with creative flair and expert precision.

Custom Commissions

Experience unparalleled creativity with our custom commission service - where our team of skilled artists transform your vision into a work of art, exactly as you imagined it, every time.

Elevating the Art of Animation and Comics​

We gathered a team of skilled individuals of artists, writers, and designers who are keen on bringing amazing stories to life through extraordinary visuals. We specialize on both comics and animation, where we focus on a wide variety of design and production concepts that range from ideation to implementation. Our commitment to excellence has made Glass House Graphics a trusted partner of the biggest names in the industry of entertainment.

Meet David Campiti

David Campiti is the CEO of Glass House Studios, an animation and illustration studio with offices in the USA, Canada, Philippines, Brazil, India, Indonesia, and Italy. Their Animation Divisions -- Cutting Edge, Top Peg, and Rockit -- have contributed animation to such TV shows as Looney Tunes (2020) and such feature films as Despicable Me, Ice Age: Collision Course, Horton Hears a Who, Gnomeo & Juliet, and Rio,and fully animated the upcoming New Katt City, the award-winning, Tribeca-shown Hulu animated movie Niko: The Journey to Magika and the feature Americano on Netflix.​

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Kate Micucci Developing Animated Series ‘Toy’ Based On Keenspot Comic

EXCLUSIVE ON DEADLINE: Veteran actress, comedian and musician Kate Micucci (Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities) has launched development on Toy, a new animated series based on the popular Keenspot comic book created by Brett Murphy and Wilson Gandolpho. In addition to producing, Micucci will star and create music for the cartoon, having already recorded a first pass of the theme song. Image courtesy of Steph Girard.



Comic book creators can't help but put something of themselves into their stories. The legendary Jack KIrby sometimes drew himself into his stories, such as the early face of Reed Richards; what's more, he often said that his character Ben Grimm, The Thing, was the embodiment of Jack himself. And he famously named Susan Storm after his daughter Susan and Benjamin after his own father. It's more rare, however, for comics writers/artists to create, write, and draw superheroes named after themselves and based on their own lives and likenesses.


PR – Press Release

Everstar Entertainment Partners with Glass House Studios on Animated Series — Marc Berman Press Release: EverStar Entertainment, the development and

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Nibbled to Death By Ducks

Explore our CEO's unparalleled insights. Discover the latest captivating blog posts penned by our visionary leader, David Campiti.


TRUE STORY: What is this compulsion artists and colorists have to showcase their worst work in their portfolios? When I’ve

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Sometimes these reminders need to be said: MUCH of social media, in particular Facebook, consists of scam ads. The too-good-to-be-true

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