The Tale of Jason Perkins, My Real-life AI

JASON PERKINS is a name every Glass House artist, and many of our clients, will recognize. Not only has Jason long been my company’s webmaster and top website designer, he’s been an A-level video editor, graphic designer, photo retoucher, and much more.

The Wonder Woman I’m posting here on my blog is his work. He received a high-res photo of Telemundo actress Gaby Ramirez from Playboy Mexico and created the costume, changed the makeup and muscle tone, even added volumes of hair with completely new lighting, and made it look terrific.

Ours has been a 15-year working relationship that’s bizarre to think about. We’ve never met. We’ve never video chatted. We’ve never even spoken on the phone. 100% of our communication across all this time has been emails or, rarely, text messages.

I’ve long called him my Guardian Angel – saving the day for me again and again, always there, always dependable. It’s as if he’s always existed there, helping me as this disembodied existence in the ether, my ultimate AI, where I only had to type what I needed…and suddenly it was done, always great and without hassle.

We’ve accomplished so much great stuff creatively and have been working toward a new animated feature film. And we’d spend so much time typing back and forth about creative things, personal things, hopes and dreams and plans a’plenty.

On January 31, 2023, I received a call from his wife Suzanne. She is now his widow. Jason Perkins has died of a massive stroke at only 56 years old.

His family is in shock.

We’ve lost a massive talent.

I’ve lost a unique friend and confidant.

I am devastated.


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