Panel one ACTION: Panel across top of page. Early evening, still-daylight exterior shot of the SCANDALS singles bar. It has a script neon SIGN outside with SCANDALS written out, flanked by a coacktail glass and high heels.

1 CAPTION: It’s become a catch-phrase: “The coolest names in town are involved in Scandals.”

2 CAPTION: I kind of like it. Clever. Double-meaning. And probably true —

Panel two ACTION: We CUT TO: Big panel. Interior of the SCANDALS bar: SONNY COLLINS is the regular Friday night D.J. at SCANDALS. He’s got a couple of drinks in front of him. An ash tray — he’s a chain smoker, so plenty of cigarette stubs are piled up, one burns in his left hand. Sonny is in his late 20s, already losing his hair, just slightly hefty — he doesn’t work out — but he has a sweet, vulnerable face, and beautiful eyes. It’s not hard to believe that he “gets the girl” fairly often, with soulful eyes like that. He wears jeans, a T-shirt with a Scandals logo on it, and a cordoroy sports jacket. He’s fishing for something out of his jacket pocket, with his free hand. Sonny is sitting at the bar, swapping stories with our recurring bartender character LARRY SCOTT (who looks like a younger John Travolta with a mustache). Larry picks up a wet glass, has a small towel over one arm. Behind the bar, on a raised dias, is the area where the DJ has his equipment to spin records and play CD’s. It’s still early, but the place is open, so a few patrons are drinking, talking, having snacks. Two barstools away from Sonny, another patron reads the paper as he sips a beer.

3 CAPTION: — in both senses of the word.

4 CAPTION: We’ve had movie stars and frisky presidents. Heck, the governor tried to bring in an inebriated minor and his entourage got miffed when we said “No. ”

(MORE) SCANDALS: “GOOD AS GOLD” Campiti-Richards/2 PAGE ONE, CONTINUED Panel two, continued

5 CAPTION: We’ve great bands two nights a week. Two other nights, my D.J. buddy Sonny Collins keeps the joint buzzing…

6 SONNY: …yeah, I am a little buzzed, Larry.

7 LARRY: You’re mighty early. Sharon Gold meeting you here…?

8 SONNY: Oh, yeah —



Panel three ACTION: Angle toward the bar, as Sonny slides a small open jewelry box across the bar, to show Larry a beautiful ENGAGEMENT RING.

11 SONNY: — she’s my Golden Girl. I think I’ll keep her. Check this out!

12 LARRY: Quite a rock, Sonny.

13 LARRY: Quite a move. It’s not like you to wanna settle down.

# # SCANDALS: “GOOD AS GOLD” Campiti-Richards/3 PAGE TWO

Panel one ACTION: On Sonny, happy, blowing a puff of smoke.

1 SONNY: Larry Scott, my man, you just don’t get it. I’ve had a few relationships and even a few radio groupies —

2 SONNY: — but nothing like this. Nothing like Sharon. I’d be insane to lose her.

Panel two ACTION: FLASHBACK BORDERS, wispy from the smoke of Sonny’s cigarette throught the story.

Big panel. Sonny’s NARRATING HEAD begins to tell the tale of their meeting: We CUT TO: A day several months ago. The night scene: Scandals is packed with people, music is playing, female waitresses with tight crop-top versions of the Scandals T-shirt and shorts or tiny skirts, a couple of musclely bouncers by the door with big T-shirts with the sleeves torn off. The patrons are upscale-yuppie, well-groomed guys and sexy babes. Lighting slightly subdued, the music cranked up, singles on the make. Sonny is up in his spot spinning records, as — in foreground — Larry waits on SHARON GOLD, an incredible redhead with gorgeous red hair down to her navel, a teeny outfit, and lots of fun, sassy attitude. Big eyes and a smile that can set a man’s pants on fire. He holds the I.D. she scooped out of her purse.

3 SONNY (double-bordered caption) : “It’s been nearly five months — the best five months of my life!”

4 SHARON: C’mon, chief — I fit in here, I look the part–!

5 LARRY: “Yes, officer, she looked eighteen.” That’s just enough to revoke our liquor license. Gotta be twenty-one, honey.

6 SHARON: But my friends —

Panel three ACTION: FLASHBACK BORDERS. As Larry hands her I.D. back to Sharon, Sonny vaults down to behind the bar, next to Larry. Sharon is kind of embarrassed, now.

7 LARRY: — are carded every time they come in. I noticed you slipped away to get your own drink…

(MORE) SCANDALS: “GOOD AS GOLD” Campiti-Richards/4

PAGE TWO, CONTINUED Panel three, continued 8 SHARON: I didn’t want ‘em to know I couldn’t even get a drink…

9 SONNY: What’s the problem, beautiful? Panel four ACTION: FLASHBACK BORDERS. Different angle on all three. Sonny is noticing how incredible she is; she seems to like him, too. Sonny puts a finger in the ear facing away from them. It’s noisy with the music and the conversations — he’s trying to focus attention. She’s got a flirty pose and killer smile.

10 SHARON: Listen, I —

11 LARRY: Not twenty-one till next month, Sonny. Doesn’t wanna lose face. 12 SONNY: Daquiri time. With hot sauce —

13 SONNY: — to convince tasters. Panel five ACTION: FLASHBACK BORDERS. Sonny waves his hand as if he’s commanding. Sonny reaches for a blender and ice as he smirks. Sharon puts her hand up to her face, giggling at the dialogue.

14 SONNY: Put it on my tab.

15 LARRY: You have a tab??

16 SONNY: Shut up.

17 SONNY: Babe, the D.J.’s taking requests…

# # SCANDALS: “GOOD AS GOLD” Campiti-Richards/5 PAGE THREE

Panel one ACTION: FLASHBACK BORDERS. Mainly a two-shot, with Sonny and Sharon in foreground; both are trying to talk above the music. They are leaning toward each other, across the bar, to talk. In the background, Larry mixes the daquiri in a blender.

1 SHARON: You’re Sonny Collins…? I love your morning show.

2 SONNY: We’re halfway there. Who are you?

3 SHARON: Sharon. Sharon Gold.

4 DOUBLE-BORDERED CAPTION: “It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship…” Panel two ACTION: FLASHBACK BORDERS. We CUT TO: Later. Exterior. On the road: Sonny and Sharon zip down the street in Sonny’s Ford Mustang convertible. Her long hair is whipping in the wind.

5 SONNY: …Designated driver. Knight in shining armor. Yeah, works for m e!

6 SONNY: You live with your parents?

7 SHARON: Nope. Got my own place last month. Part-time college, part-time job at Century Video. Panel three ACTION: FLASHBACK BORDERS. In closer, she snuggles against his shoulder.

8 SHARON: Ever been in the Service?

9 SONNY: No. Why?

10 SHARON: Just being nosy. Making conversation. Would you mind a side stop for some food?

11 SONNY: Denny’s is probably the only thing open, but if you can survive the menu…


Panel four ACTION: FLASHBACK BORDERS. A little later. In Denny’s, an open 24 hours restaurant chain. She’s picking at a salad and iced tea, he’s wolfing down a huge cheeseburger and fries. She’s laughing, enjoying his company. He’s wearing sunglasses.

12 SHARON: …no kidding? Your Dad was “Tom Collins” on the air?

13 SONNY: Yup. But “James Collins” didn’t work for me.

14 SONNY: Most people these days have never heard of a drink called…

Panel five ACTION: FLASHBACK BORDERS. On Susan, stretching luxuriously.

15 SHARON: …a “tom collins.” My first Dad was a lush. I know what one is.

16 SHARON: You’re James Junior — so: “Sonny.”

17 SONNY (off-panel): I resemble that remark.

18 DOUBLE-BORDERED CAPTION: “She showed up the next two times I spun records here –”

# # SCANDALS: “GOOD AS GOLD” Campiti-Richards/7 PAGE FOUR

Panel one ACTION: FLASHBACK BORDERS. Daytime. Exterior shot of a building with radio station call letters on it — KRCK. (NOTE: The location is San Diego, so the buildings are NOT real tall, but it’s southern climate landscaping — palm trees and so forth.) Fairly busy morning street. 1 DOUBLE-BORDERED CAPTION: ” — and then the fun started!”

2 BALLOON FROM BUILDING: Last week the President said, “It’ll be a cold day in hell before I ever do that again”…

3 BALLOON: …and today the wind chill factor just hit fifty below. Panel two ACTION: FLASHBACK BORDERS. We CUT TO: Interior. Radio station broadcast booth. (Richard, see attached references.) Fairly close on Sonny, here — so if someone were behind him coming in, we couldn’t see it. Sonny, wearing headphones, talks into the microphone.

4 SONNY: More on some Presidential “pardon me’s” at noon, when Howie Howard joins us for the news.

5 SONNY: Right now, more music as Olivia Newton-John whips out a song she bombed in the ’70s and tries another go-around with — Panel three ACTION: FLASHBACK BORDERS. Same angle, but two pretty, long-fingernailed hands cover Sonny’s eyes.

6 SONNY: — “I Honestly Love You,” on your station for the nation, K-R-C-K San Diego!

7 SFX (clicking off microphone): KLCKK

8 SONNY (burst): Wha–??

9 SHARON (mostly off-panel): Three guesses…

(MORE) SCANDALS: “GOOD AS GOLD” Campiti-Richards/8 PAGE FOUR, CONTINUED Panel four ACTION: FLASHBACK BORDERS. Pull back to a full establishing shot of the room. We clearly see that Sharon entered from behind him; she is now pulling her hands away, a kind of coy pose and expression. Sonny stand up out of his chair, turning toward her — as he yanks off his headphones. She’s wearing another typically tiny outfit and little flirty skirt.

10 SONNY: Hi, Sweetie.

11 SHARON: I knew you’d be tied up here all day, so I thought to make myself useful.

Panel five ACTION: FLASHBACK BORDERS. Biggest panel of page. Two other guys and a girl come barging into the room, with a big picnic basket, plates, bottles of soda, fried chicken, etc. Sharon pops herself up onto one of the tables — to get out of the way, of course, but it also shows off her pretty legs, just as she intended. She waves away the compliments. Sonny is just amazed.

12 SONNY: “Useful”…?

13 ONE OF THE GUYS: Quite a woman you’ve got there, Sonny!

14 THE GAL: She brought us all chicken, sodas, pie, the works!

15 OTHER GUY: Sharon, do you have any more at home like you? A sister? A M om??

16 SHARON: Just little ol’ me…

# # SCANDALS: “GOOD AS GOLD” Campiti-Richards/9

PAGE FIVE Panel one ACTION: FLASHBACK BORDERS. We CUT TO: An outdoors classical music concert. They are dressed very attractively, but for warm weather. Both are obviously enjoying the music.

1 DOUBLE-BORDERED CAPTION: “You know me, Larry. A stuck-in-the-mud.

2 DOUBLE-BORDERED CAPTION: “But Sharon encouraged me to get out more, try things I wanted…” Panel two ACTION: FLASHBACK BORDERS. We CUT TO: Afterwards. They are outside the ampitheater, which has a magic fountain/pool. (You know, throw in a coin and make a wish).

3 SHARON: I didn’t know you liked this kind of music.

4 SONNY: There are a lot of people who assume my interest is the music I play.

5 SONNY: That’s just my job. Panel three ACTION: FLASHBACK BORDERS. Sonny flips a coin into the fountain.

6 SONNY: People only assume — Panel four ACTION: FLASHBACK BORDERS. The coin splashes in.

7 SONNY (off-panel): — and never take the time to get to know.

8 SFX: SPLISH Panel five ACTION: FLASHBACK BORDERS. Two-shot, as she looks at him…

9 SHARON: What did you wish for?

10 SONNY: Well…

(MORE) SCANDALS: “GOOD AS GOLD” Campiti-Richards/10 PAGE FIVE, CONTINUED Panel six ACTION: Sharon leans over and kisses him.

10 DOUBLE-BORDERED CAPTION: “She knew.” # # SCANDALS: “GOOD AS GOLD” Campiti-Richards/

11 PAGE SIX Panel one ACTION: FLASHBACK BORDERS. Nighttime: Bedroom scene, in silhouette, her on top, passionate throes. PG-13 stuff, not explicit.

1 DOUBLE-BORDERED CAPTION: “It was…incredible. Too good.

2 DOUBLE-BORDERED CAPTION: “I figured it could only be downhill from there –” Panel two ACTION: We CUT BACK TO: The present-day. We’re still with Larry bartending. A few more people have filtered in. Another drink gets poured. A waitress is carrying snacks and drinks. Sonny lights up another cigarette. The guy with the newspaper gets up to leave, leaving the newspaper behind and tossing down a tip.

3 SONNY: — but it only got better!

4 GUY LEAVING: That’s it for me. G’Night, Earl!

5 LARRY: See ya, Mortie! Panel three ACTION: On Larry, picking up the newspaper to look though.

6 SONNY: Why’s he call you “Earl”?

7 LARRY: Earl’s our only bartender whose name Mortie ever learned.

8 LARRY: Earl does the lunch crowd. Mortie’s avoiding going home again.

9 LARRY: So you were saying…?

Panel four ACTION: We CUT BACK TO: FLASHBACK BORDERS again. Sonny’s narrating head in the upper left, launching the scene. Sharon has spent the night at Sonny’s place. She comes into the kitchen wearing his shirt. She looks adorably cute in his things. Sonny hands her a cup of expresso with a dash of cinnamon on top.

10 SONNY’S NARRATING HEAD: Larry, it’s just gotten better and better, like I said. I was either at her place, or she was at mine.


Panel four, continued

11 SHARON: It would’ve been nice to have you in the shower, too —

12 SHARON: — but you were sleeping so sweetly, especially after all the hard work you put in last night.

13 SONNY: Aw, shucks, Ma’am. A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do… Panel five ACTION: FLASHBACK BORDERS. She’s just taken a big sip of expresso, and she has a foam mustache on her lips. She is smiling, winking at him.

14 SHARON: I put fresh towels out for you. If you need help lathering up, just whistle.

15 SHARON: You do know how to whistle, don’t you? Just pucker up and blow.

16 DOUBLE-BORDERED CAPTION: “She even quoted from the same movies I did. I tell you — ”

# # SCANDALS: “GOOD AS GOLD” Campiti-Richards/13

PAGE SEVEN Panel one ACTION: FINAL FLASHBACK BORDERS. This is almost the whole page. Let’s make this a montage of shots. Be creative, but keep this PG-13 — don’t get graphic. * Making out in the woods; * Making out in a hot tub; * In bed, she’s blindfolded him, pours champagne on him, there’s candles, a big feather, ice, all sorts of fun things; * He chases her around his apartment — he’s buck naked, she’s grabbed his underwear and is running with it. She’s laughing, wearing his radio station headphones, a pair of heels, the same SCANDALS shirt that we see him wearing in the bar scenes (but she’s got it knotted and rolled up so it fits tiny); * Any other silly, fun things you want to add.

1 DOUBLE-BORDERED CAPTION: “Sharon’s just wonderful. Always there. So honest, so fresh. One of the few girls who almost never keeps ya waiting.

2 DOUBLE-BORDERED CAPTION: “– I swear, we’ve been inseparable.

3 DOUBLE-BORDERED CAPTION: “You know how most relationships start hot and heavy, then mellow out? This just keeps getting hotter!

4 DOUBLE-BORDERED CAPTION: “I don’t know where it will peak! We’re so good together, I can’t believe it.

5 DOUBLE-BORDERED CAPTION: “I want us married, more than anything in the world…”

Panel two ACTION: We CUT BACK TO: Right now, in the bar. It’s really, really busy now! Larry looks pained, as he reads part of the newspaper. Sonny looks the his watch. The ring is still on the bar, in its lovely jewelry box.

6 SONNY: …speaking of which, she’s way late! Didn’t reach her at all yesterday, but she said —

7 LARRY: Sharon’s not coming.

8 SONNY (burst): What??

# # SCANDALS: “GOOD AS GOLD” Campiti-Richards/14 PAGE EIGHT Panel one ACTION: Sonny is confused. Larry slides the newspaper ENGAGEMENT section across the bar for him to read.

1 SONNY: What’re you talking about? Did she call? Did —

2 LARRY: Sonny, she’s not coming.

3 LARRY: Read this. Panel two ACTION: Over Sonny’s shoulder, we clearly see the NEWSPAPER. In the ENGAGEMENTS section, which listing upcoming weddings, is a good picture of SHARON, lovingly holding the arm, and her head leaning against the shoulder of, a good-looking MARINE in a Marine Corp. uniform.

4 NEWSPAPER (typeset): WARNER/GOLD TO WED Michael Warner, 26, and Sharon Gold, 21, will be wed at 2 p.m. tomorrow, May 16th, as St. Michael’s Cathedral on Camino del Norte. Following the ceremony, a reception will be held at the El Tor Grotto Reception Hall. Warner has been stationed for the past six months in —

5 SONNY: What? This can’t be right.

6 SONNY: Can’t be.

7 SONNY: No. Panel three ACTION: On Sonny, crying. Larry pulls the paper away.

8 SONNY (burst): Can’t be!!

9 LARRY: Sonny…Sonny…listen to me…


Panel four ACTION: On Larry, a comforting hand on Sonny’s shoulder. Sonny holds the jewelry box. The crumpled newspaper is tossed aside.

10 LARRY: Just as so many guys have final flings or bachelor parties before settling down — looks like you were Sharon’s “final fling.”

11 LARRY: That’s why it was so intense — it was her last hurrah. She knew it would end. Tomorrow she’ll probably settle down, and Mr. Marine will never know a thing.

12 LARRY: I’m sorry, man. Panel five ACTION: On Sonny, getting into the DJ box and pulling out CD’s.

13 DOUBLE-BORDERED CAPTION: “Whoever said, ‘It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all’ never had Sharon…. Panel six ACTION: Close-up. We see his hands putting the “I HONESTLY LOVE YOU” CD by Olivia Newton- John into the CD player.

14 LABEL ON CD: Olivia Newton-John “I HONESTLY LOVE YOU” Promotional CD Single — Not For Resale

15 DOUBLE-BORDERED CAPTION: “…But then, I guess I never really had her, either.”

16 END BLURB: — end — # #

(Production note: Instead of sticking — END — at the bottom right of the last panel of each story, can we create a little icon? A small Scandals logo there, or something?)


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