Initial art layouts are usually refined by doing revisions. It is always GOOD to have layouts submitted before doing the final penciled artwork. Examples are shown below to give you an idea how adjustments can be made to improve the quality of the artwork or concept.


Here is a Supergirl pinup done by Michael Jason paz. Compare the Initial layout to the revised artwork and study the changes done by the artist such as changes on the position of the character, direction of movement, correction in anatomy.


INITIAL LAYOUTHere you can see a badly proportioned drawing of Supergirl fighting Doomsday.

The pose isn’t as appealing at it should be and her cape is way too big.

Bad placement of blacks over the image, visual clutter. Click image to enlarge.


REVISED ARTSupergirl is now facing more sideways,
has a more graceful and sexier pose than
the original.Her costume looks thinner and less heavier. Blacks carefully placed to separate Supergirl in foreground from background. Click image to enlarge.




FINAL ARTWORKAfter inking and coloring, we now have a very nice pinup clearly showing the sexy Supergirl in the foreground with Doomsday behind her. The colors emphasized more the distance between them. Click image to enlarge.


Take a look at the drawing of Wonder Woman below drawn and painted by former Glass House Graphics artist Cris de Lara. On the left is an artist’s initial sketch. Then, adding lines in black, the artist shows with just a few minor adjustments, how to make the art much more beautiful. Click each image to enlarge.


Problems with the eyes and lips, lacking that extra touch of expression that makes the artwork more appealing to the viewer.
Strands of curly hair adjusted, eyelids lowered down a little bit and the lips are parted and trimmed subtly enough to achieve that sexy look without over-emphasizing.
The painted colored piece now sporting the “look” of the revised drawing. While the original concept of the illustration has not been used, the artwork is still good enough to have as part of the artist portfolio!






Here are a few pages of Spider-Man drawn by superstar artist, Mike Deodato.




Layouts submitted by Mike Deodato to Marvel for approval. YES! Mike still shows layouts for Editors to approve even if he doesn’t need to. A HABIT of all GREAT Professional Comic Book Artist. Click each image to enlarge.





After layouts have been approved, Mike searches for photographs of people he can use for the scenes. It’s a tedious task but he does this to give his characters that EXTRA touch of expression that makes them come to life. Deodato uses himself as reference on some of the panels (Example is on the 3rd and 4th image) and necessary adjustments are made to adapt the images. Click each image to enlarge.



Mike Deodato does NOT use publicity photos of actors. He catches more “naturalistic” expressions off from DVD video captures. He also uses his relatives, friends, and the mirror a lot to keep bringing fresh new ideas and visuals in his artwork. Click each image to enlarge.




Masterfully Inked by veteran inker Joe Pimentel. Characters Mary Jane, Peter Parker and the Green Goblin comes to life in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man! Click each image to enlarge.


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