Hello, folks!

As the world’s coolest studio/agency representing talents from all over the world, we are CONSTANTLY looking for new artists,
painters, digital designers, and so on. How do you get our attention? It’s easy: Send us your best stuff!


You can send your BEST SAMPLES to Submissions@glasshousegraphics.com or, for those in brazil,
SubmissionsBrazil@glasshousegraphics.com! You can also snail mail copies of your samples, along with a self-addressed,
stamped envelope for a reply, to GHG-USA address:

1060 Glenraven Lane
Clermont, FL 34711

Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope AND an e-mail address if you expect a reply. Even if we E-Mail a response, we may have
some material we wish to send to you.

When submitting your artwork or sample remember to send only the PHOTOCOPIES. DON’T SEND THE ORIGINAL ART.

If you want the material returned, make sure your return envelope is BIG enough to accommodate the portfolio and has enough
postage to cover the return plus some goodies from us (art samples, notes, script, whatever we might think will be helpful).

Put your full contact information on the BACK OF EVERY PAGE, unless you don’t want us to know who did the sample.


Send copies of artwork in JPEG format, 75dpi resolution.

Grayscale color depth for penciled, inked or tonal illustrations.

RGB Color depth for colored artwork.

(RGB color format is preferred for samples submitted because the files are smaller in size and are intended for viewing and evaluation
only. CMYK color mode is used for COLORING the artworks and for print.)


Art files sent via email or any electronic means should have UNIQUE names.

Avoid using generic filenames like image01.jpg, It will be hard for us to search for files when you make inquiries.

Try sending files named like these:


where Lui is the name of the Artist,
where 01 is the page number of sequenced art submitted by the artist,
where Lara is the description of the artwork,
where 0929 is the month and date the artwork was submitted.

Avoid having filenames longer than 16 characters. file extensions should be in LOWERCASE.


  • Don’t send examples that aren’t representative of your best work at this stage of your career.
  • Don’t send poor photocopies of your artwork OR extremely low resolution artwork. (below 72dpi)


  • DO send enough so we know the RANGE of things you can do.
  • If you’re trying to submit comic-book style art, then draw some comics pages. See below to obtain sample plots to work from if you don’t have any professional stories to use.
  • Artwork should be done in 11 x 17 Bristol Board paper.
  • If you’re wanting to submit INKS, also remember to show us copies of the pencils from BEFORE they were inked.

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