Lelio Bonaccorso

Colorist, Inker, Penciller

Lelio Bonaccorso, was born in Messina on 08/02/1982, and is a comic artist and a teacher at the School of Comics in Messina and Palermo where he specialized in the year 2008.

Finally, with BeccoGiallo Publisher  along with writer Marco Rizzo, he realized in 2009  ” Peppino Impastato un giullare contro la Mafia “, also published in France by Ankama editions, and Holland by Sylvester Editions. The book won some important Italian prizes such as the “Premio Satira” Forte dei Marmi, 2009, the Journalistic Prize “Giancarlo Siani” in Naples in 2009, and “Boscarato Award” for best screenplay in Treviso.

In 2010 he penciled two graphic novels written by Rizzo: “Gli ultimi giorni di Marco Pantani” (published by Rizzoli/Lizard), a deep reconstruction of the last days of Italian racing cyclist champion Marco Pantani, and “Primo”, a bizarre superhero/political fantasy settled in Italy during fascism and the Seventies.
Later, in 2011, he worked with Marvel ” Fear itself the homefront “, Vertigo comics on the anthology ” The Unxeptable ” and with the scenarist Marco Rizzo, he penciled two more books, ” Que viva el Che Guevara ” ( BeccoGiallo -Italy ; Panini – Spain ) and 51 illustration about ” Gli Arancini di Montalbano ” of Camilleri,  published on the Gazzetta dello Sport.

In 2013 he published for Ankama Editions ” 419 African Mafia “.
In 2014  ” Jan Karski l’uomo che scoprì l’Olocausto ” ( Rizzoli Lizard, Steinkis, Alter ) , ” La mafia spiegata ai bambini ” ( Beccogiallo ) with Marco Rizzo too, and school books illustrations for Pearson.

In 2016  ” The Passenger ” ( Tunuè ) with the movie director Carlo Carlei and Marco Rizzo, ” L’immigrazione spiegata ai bambini ” ( Beccogiallo )  and school books illustrations for Pearson.

He worked for importants italian newspaper like Corriere della Sera, Gazzetta dello Sport, Wired, and he makes exposition for italian comics festival like Lucca Comics, Napoli Comicon, Etnacomics, Lamezia Comics
and for foreigns festivals in Poland and Corea.


Three issue of ” Mono ”  (Tunuè)
” Tolleranza Zero “
” Resistenze ” ( Beccogiallo)
” Fusillade “

“Peppino Impastato un giullare contro la mafia ” ( BeccoGiallo, Ankama, Sylvester)
” Premio Satira “
” Premio Giancarlo Siani “
” Premio Boscarato ”   

“Gli ultimi giorni di Marco Pantani ”  (Rizzoli-Lizard , Sylvester)
Primo ” ( Edizioni BD )
” Que Viva el Che Guevara ”  (Becco Giallo, Panini/Spain)
 ” Gli Arancini di Montalbano ” di Camilleri ( Gazzetta dello Sport)

” Fear itself the homefront ” (Marvel)
” The Unxeptable ”  (DC-Vertigo)
” The invasion of cockroaches, the Mafia explained to children”  (Beccogiallo)
“Webtrip ”  (International Festival of Lyon)

 Three short stories ” Lettura ” (Corriere della Sera)
” 419 African Mafia ” (Ankama Editions)
School Illustrations (Pearson)

 ” Jan Karski l’uomo che scoprì l’ Olocausto ” (Rizzoli -Lizard, Steinkis, Alteir )  

” 419 African Mafia ” (Ankama Editions)  
School Illustratiosn (Pearson)
” La traiettoria delle Lucciole ” (Beccogiallo)

“Immigration explained to children ”  (Beccogiallo)
” The Passenger ”  (Ed.Tunuè).
Illustrstiond for Arezzo Comics Wave

Newspapers pubblications:
Corriere della Sera ( La Lettura), Gazzetta dello Sport, L’Unità, Wired, MAG magazine, Tempostretto.

Storyboards for TV spot:
2 spot – CARUSO  ” The italian good style ” ( interpretato da Giancarlo Giannini e vincitore  al Bokeh Festival Fashion Film Festival South Africa’s )
Works traslate in : Spagna, Francia, Olanda, Belgio, Usa, Canada, America Latina, Polonia.


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