Joey Campos

Colorist, Graphic Designer

Where were you born? Where did you grow up?
I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California

Schooling? Art training?
I have my Bachelors degree in Graphic Design/Illustration from OTIS College of Art and Design here is Los Angeles

How long have you been working professionally in comics?
I’ve been working in comics for about 8 years. I started in ’99 but took like 4 years off to work in other industries, mainly for several Video Game Companies

What things — both in art and otherwise — have you worked on, besides comics?
I’ve worked on dozens of different things from Logo Designs, Photoshop re-touching, t-shirt designer, CD cover/package designer for several record labels, to Graphic Design of game packages for companies like Activision, Blizzard Games, EA Games, Vivendi Games etc.

Are comics a full-time gig for you or part-time?
I currently work full time for Vivendi Games but I would love to get so busy coloring that it would become full-time and I could stay home with my 1 year old son.

Tell us how you broke into the business –was it easy? Hard? Any interesting anecdotes?
It certainly wasn’t easy. I started out as an assistant /flatter during college for a small company called Hyperwerks which was a division of Image. I worked on several titles at Hyperwerks like Deity, Saint Angel, Rostom, etc..

When you held your first published work in your hands, how did you feel?
It was great, and it made me want more. So I worked even harder to improve my skills.

How did you settle on the style(s) you’re currently using?
I pretty much try to give the Penciler or creative team whatever they are looking for. I enjoy doing many styles and don’t have a preference. The more versatile you can be, the more work you can take on.

Did you work as an assistant to any other artists?
I was taught by Brian Buccellato (who is now one of the best guys at TOP COW), he taught me a lot while I was at Hyperwerks and many secrets he learned from his brother Steve who is a pioneer in the coloring field from his days at Marvel.

How did your parents take to the idea of working in comics?
They’ve always been really supportive, which is rare I suppose in the art field. Most parents fear their kids will end up as the “Starving Artist”

Please describe your work space. Is it part of your home,or do you go “to the studio”?
I have a small office in my home and use a mac G5 and 4’6″ intuos 3 pen. But its been 2 weeks though.. time to upgrade right?.. dont we all?

What job are you the proudest of?
I think I like my work on Wrath of the Titans the best. I was given so much freedom on the book and I could really just let my creative instincts take-over.

What’s your most embarrassing?
I think pretty much everything I did in my small press days! It was so tough to try to make bad art look good.

What project are you currently coloring?
Shhhhh! Its a secret!

Tell us about your family and home situation. Are you married with kids? Anecdotes about married life, how it relates to your busy schedule, etc. If you have kids do they understand your job? What do they say about it? Do they read comics?
I’m married, I have a 9 year old step-daughter and a one year old son. My daughter loves what I do and loves to draw as well. My wife thinks comics are are only getting better and is very supportive and my son, well lets just say he likes how comics taste more than how they look right now.

What projects do you hope to work on in the future?
I’d really like to work on something for Marvel,DC, or Dark Horse. Like Conan, the Punisher, or Batman… my faves.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
Retired.. 😉

Do friends and neighbors know you draw comics for a living? How do they react?
Most people cant believe you can make a living off of “kids stuff” I say hey… Barney does it!

What’s 1 thing you’ll always find in your refrigerator?
Fresh Salsa, and lots of it!

What’s your favorite food?
Do chips and salsa count?

What are your favorite interests –Movies? Music? TV? Any hobbies? Sports?
I love basketball, nba, college, etc.. I love to play pick-up ball even though I cant even jump over a phone book.

Have you ever thought of writing your own stories?
Yeah but then my paper shredder gets hungry

What’s an average day in your life like?
Depends on how much my son lets me sleep

Any humorous or interesting anecdotes to tell about the comics business?
C’mon, its the comics business, nothing funny ever happens here

Do you have any great, unsold projects in your files that nobody’s gotten to see published?
Yeah but we’ll see, one day… one day!

If you weren’t a comic-book colorist today, what would you be?
One of those guys who hang out at comic book shops and complain about how they never made it because o their bum wrists

Any closing words?
Aren’t you tired of hearing from me by now?

Wrath of the Titans 1-4
20 Million Miles More 1-4
Shi /Tenth Muse cross Over
Blackout Drunk 1 and 2
Deity :Revelations 1-4


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