Fabrizio Pasini


Fabrizio Pasini is an italian cartoonist, illustrator and colorist. Fabrizio is also a teacher in the Italian comics and illustration academy “ACCA” in Jesi.

After the creation of a comic in Italy for “Blue” magazine (Coniglio editore) “Agatha Moon”, he published several books of pin ups in France: “Les 69 secrets à savoir sur les femmes”, “Les 69 secrets à savoir sur les hommes” (Septiéme choc éditions), “Une femme, deux hommes, trois regards” (Ragage éditions).

He realized illustrations for novels (“Tatiana sous tous les regards”, Dominique Leroy éditions) and comics: “Axelle Parker – un humour de coquine” (Joker éditions), “Vita Oswood” (in two versions: sexy for Graph Zeppelin éditions and erotic for Tabou éditions).

He published humor comics too as “Les Amoureux” (Glénat/Vents d’Ouest éditions), “18 ans en BD” (Glénat/Vents d’Ouest éditions), “Encyclopédie imbécile de la drague” (Casa éditions), “Le Dycodrole du camping-car” (Casa éditions), “Le grand dycodrole du chat” (Casa éditions), “James et Joyce – Deux chats qui ne sont pas nés de la dernière pluie” (Casa éditions), “Poignée dans le coin. Dico déjanté de la moto” (Casa éditions).

He has participated to several comic art book tributes: “The Mandy Portrait Gallery” (Brandstudio Press) based on Mandy, the comic character created by Dean Yeagle, “Dan DeCarlo’s Jetta” (IDW Publishing), “Drakaina” (SQP Publishing), “Drakaina – Fantasy of desires” (Spootnik éditions), “Termite Bianca tribute” (Pavesio editore), Mirka Andolfo’s “Sacro e profano” vol. 3 (Dentiblù editore), etc.

His pin-ups and illustrations continue to travel outside of comics, with exhibitions in Milan, Paris, Chicago, etc.


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