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I have been drawing all my life, studying illustration, digital painting and more recently, oil painting.

In 2012, after a few years in advertising as a designer, I left my job, a classical guitar college and a rock band to follow my childhood dream: Comics and Illustration. I’m working as a professional colorist since 2013.

Among some clients, worked for Dynamite, Motionworks, Red Bull/Blizzard, Dark Horse and BOOM! Studios, plus several jobs for personal clients and indie projects worldwide.

Katie Greaven and The Engine Men (Motionworks)

Battlestar Galactica: Starbuck (Dynamite)

Mage Inc (Space Goat Publishing)

Evil Dead (Space Goat Publishing)

Soul Power (Space Goat Publishing)

Starcaster (Ctrl+Alt+Del)

Starcraft Battlegrounds Posters (Red Bull/Blizzard)

Mirror’s Edge: Exordium (Dark Horse")

Heroes of House - Album covers Illustration (Origins Rcords)

Power Rangers Poster (BOOM! Studios)