Fantastic 4
Racing Stripes (with Dave Schmidt)
Iron Man

Legend of the Five Rings books
The Scorpion
The Phoenix
The Lion

Dragonlance books
The Dragon Isles
The Dying Kingdom
Warrior’s Heart
Warrior’s Blood
Warrior’s Bones

Spider Riders books
Shards of the Oracle
Quest of the Earthen
Reign of the Soul Eater

Hardy Boys books (as Franklin W. Dixon)
Viking’s Revenge
A Game Called Chaos
The Spy that Never Lies
Crime in the Cards
Trouble in Warp Space
Speed Times Five
Trick or Trouble
In Plane Sight
Typhoon Island
Warehouse Rumble
Wreck ‘n’ Roll
Farming Fear
Motocross Madness
Bayport Buccaneers

Other books
Luck o’ the Irish
Martian Knights & Other Tales
Zombies, Werewolves, & Unicorns
Uncanny Encounters: Roswell (2009)
Plus short stories, anthologies, articles, etc.

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