(As colorist)
Carbongrey #3 interior pages(Image Comics)
Carbongrey #3 cover (Image Comics)
Carbongrey Origin (Image Comics)
Stormriders (Fung Wan) (Jonesky Limited)
Warworld Z Comic #1 , #2 (Strip Magazine)
Strip Magazine Cover art #2, #3 (Strip Magazine)
King Cobra Comic Special Edition (Strip Magazine)
Ngurra Kunyarra Comic (Inception Strategies)
Deadly Ears Comic (Inception Strategies)
Carla and Jamal Comic (Inception Strategies)
Jhelissa Comic (Inception Strategies)
Smart Heart Comic (Inception Strategies)
Standard Chartered comic (Imaginary Friends Studio)
Medikidz education comic strip (Medikidz Comics)

Illustration & Commercial art
(As painter / illustrator)
Free Realms Trading Card Game
Fatehunter Trading Card Game
Asterisk Game Graphics Trading Card Game
Solforge trading card game
Various character and environment design for concept art house
Commercial finished storyboard

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