Ubisoft Interactive
Contributing artist on an online game called Might and Magic:
Duel of Champions.
Fantasy Fairytales
Contributing artist for a card game
Twilight Games
Provided game assets such as background art and prop designs for
the game “Undiscovered”
, published by Big Fish games
LadyLuck Digital Media
Game Artist
Worked on various game titles, providing background art and prop
designs. Also worked on a casual game called Disney Playdom:
Animal Kingdom.
Perna Studios
Contributed card illustrations for Spell casters and Heroes of
Mythology trading cards
Marvel Comics/ Rittenhouse Archives
Provided art for trading cards for titles such as Fantastic Four,
Avengers, Spider-Man etc.
Marvel/Upperdeck Entertainment
Provided art for Ironman 2 trading cards.
DC Comics/ Riteenhouse Archives
Provided art for Justice League trading cards.
Dynamite Entertainment/Breygent
Provided art for Red Sonja and Warlord of Mars trading cards

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