Marvel Comics – Marvel Masterpieces 1998
DC Comics – VS cardgame artist
Harris Comics – Vampirella Cover artist
Image Comics – Cover Artist
Lucasfilm Ltd. – Licensed artist for Limited Edition Prints
Topps Inc. – Card Artist for “Lord of the Rings” and “Star Wars” properties
Wizards of the Coast – Illustrator for “Dungeons and Dragons, Harry Potter, Magic the Gathering, Gamma World, Alternity, Dragon Magazine as well as DragonLance and Stardrive novel covers” and much more.
Sony Online – Video Game Artist
12/20 Art – Officially Licensed PLAYBOY illustrator for Uniquely Playmates lines of limited edition prints, one of only four artists in the world selected for such an honor.
Harley-Davidson – Concept artist for merchandising products.
Phoenix Games – Playstation Cover Artist
United States Marine Corps – T-shirt Artist
Rittenhouse Archives – Paramount licensed Artist for “Star Trek” trading cards.
Coors – Pin-up/Advertising Art
Pentax – Advertising Art
Tradex and Vogler Inc – Sculpture/Giftware designer for over 100 resin giftware products specializing in fantasy and gothic sculptures.
Ocean Spray – Mural/Billboard Artist
White Wolf Games – Card Artist for “Vampire the Masquerade” cardgame.
Ultra Pro Inc. – Exclusive illustrator for game storage products.
Lethal Threat – licensed pin-up artist for stickers and shirts
Sturgis Bike Week – Illustrator for number one selling t-shirt for Sturgis Bike Week 2009
Moonstone Comics – Cover artist and comic book illustrator
Silent Devil Comics – Cover Artist
Basement Comics – Cover and Pin-up artist
Lightning Comics – Cover Artist
Author and Artist for 6 books published and distributed internationally that exclusively featuring my award winning fantasy and pin-up illustrations.

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