2010 Raven. The die quo umbrae oriebantur.
Graphic Novel.
Cagliostro E-Press Editions, Italy

2011 Myriam character by Federico Memola.
Pin up for a collection ‘ Sexy&Chaotic2011’.
Arcadia Editions, Italy

2012 Kanon und Gigue.
Short story for the ‘Wombat Magazine’ Wombat Editions, Italy

2012 ‘The dogs that knows too much’. Screenplay by Federico Memola.
Short Story for the webseries ‘Enchanted Agency’ by Federico Memola, Italy

2012 ‘Norby’
Covers and pin up, Manfont Edition, Italy.
She became the official cover illustrator of all volume of the serie.

2013 Jasmine character by Federico Memola.
Pin up for the collection ‘Enchanted’. Arcadia Edizions, Italy

2014 ‘Anna & Little Norby’ ,
cover and colours, Manfont Editions, Italy

2014 ‘Risenfall’
first episode in the anthology ‘Yin’, Shockdom Editions, Italy


Risenfall is her last work and it continue as webcomic here


2012 First place at the contest ‘Pietro Miccia 2012’ with Midnight Souls.
Screenplay by Marco Ventura.

2012 Mention of honour at the contest ‘ Pazzi per il fumetto 2012’ with SLA. Solo lacrime addolcite.
With a volume published in 2013 by International School of Comics and Villa Iris. Italy

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