Heavy Metal
Mixtape – Ardden + Space Goat Publishing
Get Lucky –  Evil Scum
Big Game Hunters – Space Goat Publishing
Redball 6 – Arcana
Greek myths, Monsters and Science – Capstone
Satan´s Horde – Black Jack Press
Duster – Evil Scum (Kickstarter)
The Hill and Vengeance of the Vapor – Markosia
Discovery – Zenescope
Lineage – Chapter 11 (Kickstarter)

Funeral, Terminal, Knightmare, Valkiria – Aurea Editoriale

Dungeons and Burglars – Aces weekly
Merlin & Hector: Excalibur – Aces weekly
My Way and The Damned – Aces weekly

the lightening and the stone – Biblioteca Ayacucho-

My Way – Straw Dogs magazine

USA – Film
Repossessed – concept art

USA – Color
Transformers (IDW)
Alchemist (Lion Forge)
Flash Gordon (Ardden)
Conan (Dark Horse)

USA – Illustration
Native American Myths (Abdo)
Chinese Myths (Abdo)
Nat Geo
Zombies and Electricity (Capstone)
Vampires and Cells (Capstone)
Panorama (Pearson)

Children illustration – Santillana, Pearson, Longman, etc.
Cthulhu Magazine

Invisible touch – Beijing´s Diffusion Department.

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