Upcoming Titles:
_Convergence: A Ligue of Legends Story – miniseries written by John O’Bryan – Riot Games
_Kindoki :Zro – written by Larry Moulthery
_Horse of the River – Graphic Novel written by John Freeman

Previously published works:
_ The Precinct issues #1 to #5_ (Dynamite Entertainment)
_ Vampirella Annual: Prelude to Shadows_(Dynamite Entertainment)
_ Swords of Sorrow: Black Sparrow & Lady Zorro_(Dynamite Entertainment)
_ Grimm Tales of Terror Vol.2 issues #1 and #3_ (Zenescope Entertainment)
_ E.V.I.L. Heroes_ (Zenescope Entertainment)
_ Arthur: The Legend Continues issues #1 to #3_(Cosmic Times Productions)
_ Surviving The Damned issues #1 to #4_ (James Holmes)
_ Bogatyrs: The Graphic Novel_ (Urban Archipelago Films)
_ Lazarus webcomic_(10Worlds Studio) _ Parasitic_ (Donald Brady)
_ Preble’s Boys: Legends of the Officers Corps #1_(Skylark Comics)
_ TheDredger (Jeremy Willfinger)
_ The Resurrected issues #1 to #5_(Carnouche Productions)
_ Escapism_(Curious Perspective Comics)
_ Heist On Alpha issues #1 and #2_ (Michael Yee)

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