THE RIFT – Cover art (Graphic Illusions Studios)
DARKLIGHT – Interiors pencil and cover  (Axaleon)
HOPE HERO INITIATIVE – Interiors pencil (Ronin Studios)
FAITH WALKER – Inks  (NewCreationsNow)
RAGED CAPES – Inks  (NewCreationsNow)
HIRED GUN – Interiors pencil (Project4studios)
METAZOIDS – Character design and concept art (card game)
TALES FROM NEVERLAND AND AGON – Interiors artist (Zenescope)
HENCHMEN – Cover artist (Image)
GABRIEL – WARRIOR EXORCIST – Author and Artist (Aces Weekly)
THE COMPLEX – Interiors and cover artist (Dumbo Comics)
THE RUTHLESS – Interiors and cover artist (Agency Publishing LLC)
NERO NAPOLETANO – Interiors artist (Corriere della Sera)
GREAT ZOMBIES IN HISTORY – Interiors artist (Elevator Pitch Press)
RELIC & EGO – Comic strip artist (ECV Press)
REALM OF EMPIRES – Concept artist (PC Game)
WONDERLAND – Interiors artist (Zenescope)

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