Illustrator, Mongoose Publishing, Interior illustrations for Cybergear book.
Illustrator, Ad Astra Magazine (published by National Space Society), Mar. 2000, Full page illustration depicting presidential candidates for the 2000 election, and their support of space exploration.
Illustrator, Gooseberry Patch, Sept. 2000- Present, Delaware, OH- Watercolor illustrations for book covers, company catalog, calendar and datebook art, black and white pen and ink interior book illustrations, as well as development of new product lines.
Illustrator, Realms of Fantasy Magazine, August, 2003, 1 ½ page color illustration for story introduction.
Illustrator, Kenzer and Company Games, June, 2003, Cover art for RPG Book.
Illustrator, Hustler Magazine, April, 2003, Full page illustration for article intro page (For Sept. 2003 Issue).
Illustrator, Personal Touch Products, February, May, June, 2003, Various illustrations for print products.
Illustrator, #1 Screen Printing, Aug. 10-Aug. 30 2002, Illustration for WTC/ 9/11 commemoration t-shirts.
Illustrator, Keller Publishing International (e-Business Solutions Magazine) Feb. 2002 issue, Cover art and interior full color illustration
Illustrator, Smart Partner Magazine, Sept. 2000 issue, Double page full color illustration.

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