Costas Panourgias


Where were you born?
Queens, New York

Where did you grow up?
Brooklyn and Queens

Art training?
Some, at the High School of Art & Design. But mainly self taught.

How long have you been working professionally in comics? On and off for about two and ½ years.

What things — both in art and otherwise — have you worked on?
I was mainly working odd jobs here and there until I stared working in comics.

Talk about how you broke into the business –was it easy?
Well I don’t consider myself broken in yet more like lurking about the biz. I’m freelancing at the moment until I land something a bit more steady.
How was it when you first saw your work published? I was very excited when I saw my first printed work. I felt like I did one thing I always wanted to accomplish.

How did you settle on the style(s) you’re currently using?
I haven’t settled in my style yet, I am always trying new things plus my style changes a bit with different types of Pencilers. But I am inspired by many types of artist to try and create my own look.

Did you work as an assistant to any other artists?
No, but I came close to assisting Klaus Janson (Batman Dark Knight, Daredevil, etc…) when he was up for inking a couple of books but the books didn’t get to the final green light.

How did your parents take to the idea of working in comics?
They took as a hobby not work but they have been very supportive none the less.

How would you describe your work space?

What job are you the proudest of?
My proudest work so far would be the return of the super pimps 3 comic , I was content with it, I’m never 100% satisfied with my work, always want to fix something even if it’s to straighten out a simple line.

What’s your most embarrassing?
Well my first couple of books really, the resolution of the pages as I sent in were too low so in print the work looks kind of poor. They had given me step by step instruction on how to scan the work but forgot to mention the rez quality they wanted. It took a wile before my boss mentioned it and it was corrected thanks to the colorist.

What projects do you hope to work on in the future?
Mainly any Marvel or DC comics but like to dabble in some smaller companies as well with interesting titles.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
Well doing the thing that I really like…doing comics.

What is the interest in comics where you live?
Well I’m not sure but I see it a lot in movies and video games. People seem to really enjoy them. Still have friends that like to have a good comic read every now and then.

What’s 1st thing you’ll always find in your refrigerator?
A bottle of Coke.

What’s your favorite food?
Actually a good old fashioned burger and fries

What are your favorite interests –Movies? Music? TV? Any hobbies? Sports?
Movies, anything really as long as its good but manly 70’s and 80’s flicks. Music, again anything that sounds good to me but mainly Rock and classical. TV, don’t watch that much any more but I do get box set shows from the past. Sports, Boxing is a must.
If you weren’t a comic-book artist today, what would you be?
Not sure but something in the arts.

The single thing you’d most like to be remembered for in your life is…?
Just a descent human being trying to make in this world by trying to do the right things in life and making a few folks smile a long the way.

Any closing words for your fans?
I didn’t know I had any…But I would like to thank everyone who has supported my work.
And for anyone trying to make it in this biz just keep at it, believe in yourself and you’ll find there are people who will help steer you in the right direction, just have patience be open to constructive criticism and most importantly be yourself as a person and in your work.

Head Inker for the Tenth Muse 1-4 for Blue Water Comics, Published by Alias Enterprise.
Head Inker for Black Beards Legacy 1 For Blue Water Comics Published on Web site as stills.
Inker-The Return of the Super Pimps 3 pages (1-12) for Across the pond Comics, Dial “C” for Comics, Published by Atlantis Studio.
Inker for By The Blade issue 2, for Myth Grotto.


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