Glass House Graphics is creating the artwork for the wildly popular ISOM graphic novel series from Eric July’s Ripperverse. Check it out here!

Seven Dead Stars

EXCLUSIVE ‘Seven Dead Stars’ First Look: A comics, music, sci-fi mashup ‘Seven Dead Stars’ combines orchestral scores with hip-hop beats. ByDavid Brooke A mashup of comics and music is on the way this September, nay, an entirely new universe is coming and it can be found with Seven Dead Stars. Mixing audio and video, Grammy-nominated […]

Banzai Girls returns for “Fifty-One Shades of Prey”

Writer/Artist/Jinky Coronado is back and she’s powering through this perilous pandemic to bring you a double-dose of BANZAI GIRL printed full-color comic books — her babelicious BANZAI GIRLS SPECTACULAR #1 and a super-sexy BANZAI GIRL FABULOUS FOTO BOOK! “Fifty-One Shades of Prey” is a startling story featuring Banzai Girl’s family taking place seven years after […]

Niko: Journey to Magika

When Niko visits his grandparents in the Philippines for the summer, he knew he would be exposed to a different culture. What he didn’t expect, was to plunge headlong into an unseen world of magic and mystery. Now with the help of an exotic vampire girl and a host of other mystical creatures, he must […]

Jinky Coronado returns for “Banzai Girl Volume 2”

When Filipina schoolgirl Jinky Coronado attended the first Creating Comics Seminar of her young life, she never dreamed that it would lead to an actual career drawing and writing comic books.  But that Glass House Graphics seminar, held in early 2000 in Manila, Philippines, became a major changing point in her life. That life had […]

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