Kate Micucci Developing Animated Series ‘Toy’ Based On Keenspot Comic

EXCLUSIVE ON DEADLINE: Veteran actress, comedian and musician Kate Micucci (Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities) has launched development on Toy, a new animated series based on the popular Keenspot comic book created by Brett Murphy and Wilson Gandolpho. In addition to producing, Micucci will star and create music for the cartoon, having already recorded a first pass of the theme song. […]


Comic book creators can’t help but put something of themselves into their stories. The legendary Jack KIrby sometimes drew himself into his stories, such as the early face of Reed Richards; what’s more, he often said that his character Ben Grimm, The Thing, was the embodiment of Jack himself. And he famously named Susan Storm […]

A brand-new interview with Glass House Graphics superstar artist JOE BENNETT on his RippaVerse graphic novel ALPHA CORE!

Joe Bennett is a Brazilian comic book illustrator known for his exceptional work in various prominent titles. He gained recognition for his outstanding artwork in Marvel’s ‘The Incredible Hulk,’ which propelled him into the limelight. Bennett’s unique artistic style, characterized by meticulous detail and dynamic portrayal of action scenes, has become his signature that fans […]

Jade Warriors – Proof of Concept Trailer

Glass House Studios is currently producing a movie trailer for Mike Deodato’s JADE WARRIORS, based on the graphic novel by Michael Buckley, David Campiti, and superstar AWA/DC/Marvel artist Mike Deodato, Jr. The proof-of-concept trailer stars Miss Universe Laos 2022, Payengxa Lor, in the martial-arts-based action fantasy about an all-female assassin squad under the control of […]

PR – Press Release

Everstar Entertainment Partners with Glass House Studios on Animated Series — Marc Berman Press Release: EverStar Entertainment, the development and finance company that specializes in NFT and blockchain participation, announced two new partnerships. The first is partnering with Glass House Studios, represented by Evan Anglin at Zero Gravity Management, along with Compton-based producer Cli-N-Tel (real […]

Keenspot Webcomic ‘Grubbs’ to Get Animated Series Adaptation

“Grubbs,” a Keenspot all-ages webcomic that draws inspiration from “Calvin & Hobbes” and “Dennis the Menace,” is slated for an animated TV series adaptation penned by M.J. Offen. Also the head writer of the Cartoon Network and HBO Max animated series “Jade Armor,” Offen serves as showrunner and is scripting the pilot, co-producing with Keenspot’s […]

Glass House Graphics and Simon & Schuster team for DRAGON KINGDOM OF WRENLY —

The scarlet dragon Ruskin discovers a whole new world of magic, intrigue, and adventure in these first three adventures of the chapter book graphic novel series—now available in a collectible paperback boxed set! As the pampered pet dragon of the Prince of Wrenly, Ruskin has never known life beyond the walls of the palace. Until […]

Glass House Graphics and Simon & Schuster team for SUPER TURBO —

The classroom pets of Sunnyview Elementary band together to form a Superpet Superhero League to fight crime! Blast off with their first three chapter book graphic novel adventures in this collectible paperback boxed set. Turbo the hamster is the official classroom pet of Classroom C at Sunnyview Elementary…and he has a top-secret identity as Super […]

Glass House Graphics and Simon & Schuster team for PUP DETECTIVES —

The pup detectives of Pawston Elementary join forces to solve the crimes happening all around them in this collectible paperback boxed set containing the first three graphic novel chapter books in the Pup Detectives series! Rider Woofson thought he was the only puppy PI at Pawston Elementary…until he met Rora Goodog, Westie Barker, and Ziggy […]

Glass House Graphics artist Dheeraj Verma died today

Glass House Graphics artist Dheeraj Verma, perhaps best known for his work on LADY DEATH, CALL OF DUTY, and an amazing Adidas adversiting campaign, died today. He was hit with COVID in late April and was in a weakened state in early May, when we last chatted. On a ventilator, Dheeraj died today of Pulmonary […]

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