Sean Lee

Colorist, Painter

Sean Lee was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Currently a full-time freelancer, working as a comic colorist & cover painter.

He started his career in a local publisher on 2004, working as children’s comic colorist & picture book’s illustrator.

After 4 years, he became a full-time freelancer, majoring in comic colorist and painter.

His work includes Wizard of the Coast, Duel Masters Trading Card Game  as a painter,  Titan Comics, Dark Souls series, Quake Champion series as a comic colorist.

Judge Dredd Judge Under Siege’s cover painter, Valiant entertainment Ninja-K’s cover painter, Zenescope publisher’s cover painter.

Currently working for Netherland Publisher and indie comic from the United States.

Comic colorist

Titan Comic
Dark Souls #2 to 4
Dark Souls Winter Spite #1 to 4
Dark Souls Legend 1&2
Dark Souls Tale of Embers
Quake Champion #1 to 4
Lemunia #3
Myth Division
Menagerie #1

Cover painter

Dark Souls #2 to 4
Dark Souls Winter Spite #1 to 4
Quake Champion #1 to 4
Judge Dredd Under Siege #1 to 4
Ninja-K #6,7 & 9


Wizard of the Coast, Duel Masters Trading Card Game


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