Andi Ewington


Andi Ewington is a British comic writer who broke onto the comic scene in 2010 with his critically acclaimed debut OGN ‘Forty-Five’. Since then he has written Dark Souls II: Into the Light, for Bandai Namco, and Just Cause 3: World on Fire, for Square Enix/Avalanche Studios. He has written numerous other titles including: BlueSpear, Overrun, Exmortis, S6X, Sunflower, Red Dog and Ian Livingstone’s ‘Freeway Fighter’ comic series. Andi is also an established graphic designer and has created numerous posters and key art pieces, including a cover for Aftershock’s Beyonders #1.

2010 – Forty-Five GN (Com.x)
2012 – Bluespear OGN (Com.x)
2012 – Masqueraid of Death (Dredd short in Zarjaz)
2012 – Skin Deep (Short in Something Wicked)
2013 – Aftershock (Short in FutureQuake)
2014 – Co-Writer, Dark Souls II: Into the Light
2014 – Bloodhound (Short in Dogbreath)
2014 – The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel Vol.4 (Short)
2014 – Packaged Holiday (Short in Futurequake #25)
2015 – Edited issue 1 of RAD created by Josh Wilkie
2015 – Co-wrote issue 2 of RAD created by Josh Wilkie
2015 – Adapted & Co-Wrote the Mark Mallouk’s comic series, Sunflower
2015 – Adapted the William Bros’ comic series, Exmortis
2015 – Wrote the George Pelecanos comic series, S6X
2015 – Wrote the Just Cause 3 comic promotional spin off comic: World on Fire
2016 – Adapted Rob Cohen’s comic series, Red Dog
2016 – Created and Co-Wrote, Overrun (mini-series)
2917 – Wrote Freeway Fighter (mini-series) based on Ian Livingstone’s Fighting Fantasy title
2017 – Wrote the in-game chapter narrative for ‘World of Tanks: War Stories – Console’, Including the Campaigns ‘Brothers in Armor’, ‘Flashpoint Berlin’, ‘Operation Sealion’, ‘Kennedy’s War’ and ‘Runaway Tiger’.
2018 – Wrote the in-game chapter narrative for ‘World of Tanks: War Stories – Console’, Including the Campaign ‘Spoils of War’.
2018 – Wrote Pac-Man & the Ghastly Garbage, an Interactive Audio game for Amazon Echo.
2018 – Written an unannounced Titan Comics title
2018 – Beyonders #1 Cover Design (Aftershock Comics)


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