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Vania Boidanich is an illustrator based in Paraguay. She works as a freelance graphic designer and illustration teacher for the Universidad Americana, Universidad del Pacífico and Cosmo Studio.
She was co-creator of the comic Caos Quest, self-published in 2012 and finished in 2014. It won the Universidad Americana Young Entrepreneurship Contest in 2014.

Vania works as an independent illustrator and storyboard artist in audiovisual productions and advertisements for agencies such as Picante and Maneglia-Schémbori. For the latter, she worked as a storyboard artist of the feature film Los Buscadores, released in 2017. She’s also illustrator for Gorila Py t-shirt brand.

Trained in several workshops in the United States, as part of the San Diego Comic-Con and the Los Angeles Anime Expo, she also studied digital painting with renowned illustrators like Samuel Araya, Bobby Chiu (Through Schoolism) and Kike Olmedo.

At present she’s Cosmo Studio headmaster, creating art workshops and courses. Currently she works as illustrator and colorist for two ongoing comic book projects, titled Farrock and Niberyn, with the writer Marco Augusto Ferreira and editor Patricia Camp.



“Los Buscadores” movie; 2016 - Storyboard Artist.

“III Bienal de Buenos Aires 2016” – Artist - Argentina art exhibition. Curator: Lic. Maria Elena Beneito.

“Manga Workshop”- Teacher -2017- Organized by the Japanese Embassy of Paraguay.

“Comicbook Workshop with Josh Elder” 2018- Student - Organized by the United States Embassy of Paraguay.

“Asuncion Fashion Week” 2019 - Artist -
Art Exhibition organized by PRODI and Universidad Americana.

“Caos Quest” (2012-2014) - Co Creator - Self Publish comicbook.

“Epopeya: La Guerra en Historietas”- Penciler, Inker and Colorist - Chapter: Que Dios me Perdone - 2015.

“Chake”- Artist - Paraguayan Comicbook Art Exhibition organized by Roberto Goiriz 2015.

“Bienal de Asuncion 2015”- Artist - Colective Art exhibition Organized by Amigos del Arte Curator: Prof. Osvaldo González Real.