Toni Sardina is a sketcher and screenwriter, born on January 23, 1993, in Palermo. Toni graduated from the Scuola del Fumetto (Comics School) of Palermo in 2016, after finishing his compulsory education. He then dedicated himself to his career as a comic book creator. He won the contest “Il Ruggito della Velocita” (The Roar of Speed), promoted by the Sicilian Regional Department of Cultural Heritage and Sicilian Identity for Targa Florio. Shortly after, he won a second contest “Fra gli Ultimi del Mondo” (Among the Last Ones of the World), thus gaining visibility at the European Parliament in Brussels.

In 2018, Toni co-founded the Outclass Art Studio of Palermo with his colleagues Giovanni D’Alessandro and Simone D’Angelo. At the same time, he worked on a series of minor publications for the American market. His Studio is currently active in foreign markets and works for Noise Press, Shockdom, Ex.Libris, Magic Wagon.

Comic Scripting
- De Bello Philosophorum (Edizioni Ex-Libris - 2020)
- Detroit 23/05 (Noisepress - 2020)
- Kinnìk Ennàk (Shockdom - 2021)
- Sentinel (Shockdom - 2021)

- The Girl from Farris's (Edgar Rice Burroughs - from 2018)
- #UomoinCamicia (Noisepress - 2019)
- De Bello Philosophorum (Edizioni Ex-Libris - 2020)
- Detroit 23/05 (Noisepress - 2020)
- Sentinel (Shockdom - 2021)

- Get in the Game: Set and Spike (Magic Wagon - 2018)

- Gli Ultimi del Mondo (Topffer Edizioni - 2018)