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Artwork of Tirso Llaneta

Tirso Llaneta is a 39 year old Filipino artist who is showcasing an incredible X-Men piece. This was created using Pentel brush for the outlines, inks for the shadow and markers for the shadows. Some water colour was applied for the skin tone.

That’s an awesome X-Men piece!

Thanks! It was a request a great and kind art collector who asked me to draw them on 11″ x 17″comic board. He provided the characters he wanted to see and I had fun with poses, composition and background and others. I know this is a once off commission but I always myself doing this one day for either Marvel or DC if God gives me a chance to do so!

What other works have you done?

From 1993 to 1996, I used to work on local comics before doing lay-out animation from 1997 to 2012. A highlight would be working on Little Mermaid (Ariel’s Beginning) for Walt Disney! I’m currently working as a sketch card artist and taking commissions.

What helps you to draw?

I listen to a lot of rock music while working to get me in the groove. I don’t drink or smoke but I am addicted to coffee which helps me draw!

How did you get into being an artist?

I didn’t attend any Art school and it was a gift from God that I could draw. I’ve been working really hard to foster this gift. I been practising seeing other people’s compositions and learning from my mistakes and weakness. I still have a lot to learn to be a sequential artist.

You mentioned you learnt from other artists. Do you have any artists who works inspire you?

There’s a quite a few but notable ones would be Jim Lee, Olivier Coipel, Greg Land and Jerome Opena.

Thanks for you time and good luck with you future endeavours!

Tirso has comic book “The Glory” by Glenn Moane which is coming out later this year and is working on a noir crime mini series. To check out more of his work, check out

He can also be contacted via email tirsollaneta [at] for any work or commission enquiries.