PAGE 1 —
*  Establishing shot.  Big panel.  Late afternoon.  WONDER WOMAN is on the sidewalk of a busy city street.  She’s hunkered down on one knee, next to a little girl about 5 years old.  WW is signing a magazine that has herself on the cover.  They are surrounded by teenage girls excited about meeting their hero.  She’s noticed by guys on the street, too.  She’s exactly as sweet and wonderful as you hoped she would be.
*  Some of the girls look into the sky, pointing at a meteor hurtling down.
*  Closeup on WW, looking up, wide-eyed, mouth open.  “Oh, my!”
*  Upshot:  WW flies upward, to intercept it, leaving the girl happily holding her magazine.  The PEN that WW was holding is broken on the ground.


PAGE 2 —
*  KRASHH — WW is smashed to the ground by the meteor, which is the size of a wrecking ball.  It’s glowing.
*  She crawls out from under it, hair dishevelled.  “Unghhhh”  We see this happens near a warehouse building.
*  Close-up on her eyes, glowing.
*  SUPERGIRL flies down, to help her.
*  Medium close-up on Supergirl and WW, as Supergirl reaches to help.


PAGE 3 —
*  WHAMM!  WW punches Supergirl with both hands locked.
*  BA-THOOM!  Supergirl is careens through the warehouse building wall.
*  She grabs Supergirl, swinging her around by the cape….
*  And hurls her through the roof of the warehouse and into the now-darkening sky.  Rubble starts to fall down to join the rubble already on the floor from the smashed wall.
*  SUPERMAN’S hand grabs WW’s shoulder (our point of view) — and WW whips her head around, to face him.

PAGE 4 —
*  WHOKK!  She slugs Superman with her right fist.  It hurts him!
*  Fists clenched, Superman staggers back, pissed off.  WW holds her right hand as if it is aching from punching Superman. Her stance is legs wide apart, yet slightly vulnerable, reacting to Superman’s fury.
*  Close-up on WW’s eyes, glowing.
*  Suddenly:  KRASSSHH!  WW leaps out a warehouse window to escape, shattering it.


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