COVER SCENE — (See reference, attached) Show of a struggling Red Sonja, in chains in a dungeon. Behind her is a nasty-looking evil Wizard who has enslaved her.



STYLE GUIDE FOR SONJA — Use the exact established chainmail-bikini costume she’s been using in Dynamite’s comicbook. It follows a style guide.



* Splash page! Big, gorgeous action establishing shot. RED SONJA, in her standard chain-mail bikini (NOTE: See official style guide) is about five meters in the air, grabbed up by a pteradactyl-type creature. She’s dangling her lovely tanned-and-toned body above a bustling Hyborean town, with a villainous Wizard shooting fireballs at her from his staff. Use this scene to really establish the style and lifestyle of the town — ladies with urns getting water from a well; grass-thatched clay huts for buildings; filthy little kids scampering out of the way of a horse and buggy delivering to a tavern; all sorts of “real” details that bring the town to life! Some folks, of course, are reacting to Sonja and ther pteradactyl…



* Sonja arches her body in mid-air, avoiding the fireballs.
* She kicks up and loosens herself from the pterodactyl’s grasp…
* …falls down through the grass roof of a Tavern…
* … her fall broken by men gambling around a table inside. (She doesn’t just crash onto the TABLE, her fall is broken by the MEN AROUND the table, she’s landing mostly on THEM.) On this and the next page, you can establish the “character of the bar, with swarthy men gambling and drinking around the table she’s just fallen onto, flagons of ale and gold coins go flying; a lusty barmaid recoils, dropping drinks; and so on.



* Red Sonja she stands up, looking GOOD, better than the barmaids, and just as the guys recover, leering at her. Establish a SWORD that nobody’s grabbed onto yet, not too far from Sonja.
* Angle on her — close-up, as she notices something over her shoulder — a flash of light! —
* She vaults out of the way, grabbing up that sword, as a Wizard’s fireball wqhizzes past her, barely missing her but setting two guys ablaze!



That’s it! Done correctly, this should give us action, creatures, a town full of horses and Hyborean buildings and people (including kids) living their lives, dramatic light effects, people interacting, etc. All in just 3 pages.



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