Note: Although this test plot features X-MEN characters, you DON’T have to draw this sample with those Characters. You can use Spidey and Mary Jane, Lois and Superman, Glory and Supreme, Captain America and Scarlet Witch…whoever. This point is to show off what you can draw, make sure to adjust certain story elements to match the characters you decide to use. Good Luck! Instructions: Draw 10″ x 15″ on 11″ x 17″ art paper ? preferably a two-ply smooth bristol board, in pencil only. Think about, in general, where word balloons might go, but do not draw in any balloon shapes. Pencil tightly and completely. Do your best work. If you are skilled at lettering or design, then it’s acceptable to draw in your own sound effects. Keep track of how many hours you spend on each page, and write that information on the back. Make a full-sized photocopy of the artwork for yourself. If submitting samples by mail, send the clean photocopies instead of the originals, with the time-it-took info on the back, your name and address and phone on each page, and a stamped, self-addressed envelope for a reply.

PAGE ONE: Splash page, full bleed. Big panel with several insets. Leave room for logo, title, credits and indicia. Begin with establishing shot of New York; there’s a streak of light hurling across the sky, but we can’t tell quite what’s causing it. (We’ll show it later). Cinematic “pan in” to a specific luxury apartment building. In a big picture window, past a fish tank filled with exotic fish, we see 2 people having a beautiful candlelight dinner…It’s SCOTT SUMMERS and JEAN GREY, enjoying a romantic dinner in this fancy penthouse apartment that a friend loaned to them for the weekend. He is well-dressed, in a GQ/classy suit. She is dressed extremely well, in a sexy fancy dress, but lots of cleavage, high-cut slit long skirt, high heels, sexy hairdo. But elegant, not trashy.

PAGE TWO: She opens a gift-wrapped present he’s given her…perfume! She dabs it sexily into her cleavage, flashing a killer smile; he seems embarrassed. She then hands him a jewelry box, he opens it ? as a BRILLIANT FLASH OF LIGHT illuminates the room (make this a stark, dramatic lighting effect) coming from the window, from outside. He drops the box; they race to the window and look down, reacting in horror.

PAGE THREE: Big panel! Exterior, summer, 6 pm, but still daylight — a monster (make it up) is terrorizing a New York Street! It’s ripped a lamppost out of the street and swinging it around. People are reacting, frightened. Traffic Jam. And so forth. Lots of action and commotion. CUT BACK TO: Jean and Scott. Sexy action as Jean peels out of her dress as she goes for her costume. Scott yanks off his tie as they prepare to fight. (Beefcake shot!) CUT BACK TO: What’s happening on the street! Damage and destruction!

PAGE FOUR: We see several scenes, a Phoenix and Cyclops (Jean and Scott now in costume) float down to the action (her telekinesis): A tall, statuesque woman in a slinky outfit and high heels is walking her Dobermans on leashes as she reacts; the monster has swung the lamppost, smashing open a fire hydrant, and she gets drenched (she still looks sexy wet); a little boy is racing away carrying his kitten, about to be hit by a car that’s making it’s way through the traffic jam by driving partway on the sidewalk. Two thugs see a smashed-in window are stealing TV sets and stereos, and so forth ? show you can draw real people, real animals and buildings, real FEAR of what’s happening. The kid’s about to be mowed over by the car…

PAGE FIVE: …But Jean Grey flies in and scoops the child out of harm’s way. Now: Choreograph an action scene as Phoenix and Cyclops fire power blasts at the monster, who hurls a car at them. They use their powers to stop it, as another one of the X-Men ROGUE, flies in from above (Rogue is always posed very curvy/sexy in flight), having heard the police reports. The monster’s eyes glow, and send a brilliant flash of light and heat at them (like we saw on page 2), hot enough to melt things near it.

PAGE SIX: Cyclops runs, and Phoenix and Rogue fly, toward us (monster’s point of view). However, that panel is shown on viewscreen! We CUT TO: A SKRULL space ship in space! (It’s what caused the streak in page 1). Then we CUT TO: Inside, is SUPER SKRULL, laughing in triumph at what he sees on that viewscreen. He’s standing near CRUSHER CREEL, the Absorbing Man, who is captured and in stasis, wide-eyed, as wires and rays come from his body. Super-Skrull is siphoning off Creel’s absorbing ability, and is transferring it to that synthetic monster he’s created! (In this specific case, if you don’t have references for these, make something up.)


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