Simon Ampel is an illustrator, character animator, director and writer.  He grew up near Woodstock, New York and graduated from the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan in 2002, where he was mentored by the infamous Ralph Bakshi.  He has directed and animated an internationally broadcast Superbowl spot, spit-balled with Stephen Colbert while animating on his Tek Jansen shorts, directed a music video that won first place in the Farhang Film Festival and animation-directed High on Fire's "The Black Plot" which LoudWire dubbed "Best Metal Video of 2016."  Ampel also animated the characters for the intro of AMC's Comic Book Men and has freelanced as an animator and storyboard artist for most of the commercial production houses in New York City.  He now resides just north of New York City, where he spends his time writing and illustrating his own graphic novel, playing the drums in several bands and rock-climbing.

·  Storyboarded a Subaru commercial for Director Nick Enriquez

·  Storyboarded a Nicorette commercial for Director Flannery Mckenna

·  Directed and Produced an animated film for Brooklyn Solar Works

·  Designed and animated an adorable rabbit for a St. Ives commercial

·  Illustrated a comic book property with writer Charles Lachman that's currently being pitched by William Morris.  (Dark Age)

·  Directed, Illustrated and Animated a 9 minute film, featuring narration by Common, for Color of Change

·  Created the Graphic Novel Property, Barbarian Psychology, (ongoing)

·  Created several Animated scenes for the feature film, Callahan (ongoing)