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Get your characters brought to life in the captivating and popular manga anime style! From video games to posters, our animanga design service offers top-notch illustrations that will resonate with the youth.

Explore the transformative potential of animanga-style illustrations in bringing your ideas to life.

Whether they’re created for video games, cartoons, box art, comic book illustration, posters, or other merchandise, Manga Anime (animated cartoons in the manga styles) are fast becoming the world’s most popular youth-oriented character illustration fashion.

Glass House owns and operates the renowned Studio Sakka Company in Asia, offering dozens of illustrators and animators to create the most impressive manga and anime imaginable.

What’s more, Studio Sakka offers a popular library of existing properties and characters available for launch into other markets.

Its art and animation for the new generation.

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Glass House Graphics takes pride in collaborating with top-tier names in the animation and comics industry. Our esteemed clientele serves as a testament to the unrivaled quality and excellence of our work.

Get your animation and design projects off the ground.

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