Rudi Sucipto


Where were you born ? and where did you grow up ?
I was born and grow up untill in I was a teenager the city of Malang, East Java, Indonesia, my family and I now live in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia.

Schooling or Art Training ?
Actually, I never went to school to draw, just loved drawing work (people say self-taught).

How did you get your break into comics ?
It started when I was in elementary school, and my father got a job making Religious comic about the story of the Prophet, since then I wanted to make comics. Since getting the first job, a picture toy illustrator of children. I am more passionate to create comics that can be enjoyed and entertain everyone. In 1998 I became an illustrator of children magazine in Surabaya (MENTARI). In the year of 2000 I became Champion Favorite Comics Contest, held a news letter (JAWA POS). Year 2007 also became Champion Bobo Favorites Illustration Contest.

What drew you want to work on comics ?
In accordance with my ideals and work that can be enjoyed as well as entertain everyone.

Who have your influences been over the years ?
First of my father, because he who taught me to draw. For a fairly long time, I was inspired by  Teguh Santoso and Jan Mintaraga (local artists, Indonesia), Joe Madureira (Battle Chasers), Skottie Young (Human Torch) and Alessandro Barbucci (Sky.Doll). And now I want to have my own image and style that always in mind of all the people.

Any particular work of yours that you are most proud of  ?
I am always proud and enjoy my job, although I had to learn and learn.

How long have you been working professionally in comics ?
I’m just 2 years engaged in a professional comic, when getting my first job (FAITH#1 copyright Turbocomics, 2008)

You do coloring or penciling. Do you enjoy one more than the other ?
Actually I really like all parts of the drawing, ranging from pencil, ink, and color, but because the demands of a professional, so I was more focused on the penciler.

Did you enjoy meeting the other comic artists ?
It’s very exciting and happening to me.

Do you collect or read comics? — and if so, which ones ?
I love to read, but I collect them just a little.

Who is your favorite super hero ?

Who is your favorite villain ?

What comic do you hope to work on one day ?
All Marvel, DC, characters or any other publisher. But it will begreat fun once if I had to make a Fantastic Four (kids version).

What are you currently drawing? Comments on that project ?
Currently I’m completing the Web Comic updated every month and Coloring Page children. Really enjoy, because all the value it highly enjoyable art.

What projects do you hope to work on in the future ?
Any project I do, that’s the hope and future.

Faith in the Unknown # 1, 24 page (Turbocomics)
Faith in the Unknown # 2, 24 page (Turbocomics)
Tekst Strip, a monthly comic strip until now (Striptekenars)
Thomas: The New Adventures, a monthly web strip until now (L Jamal Inc.)
Coloring Page, 10-15 pages per month (January 2009-present, Kleurplaten)


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