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Defender Chronicles Game - Illustration
Sandra and Woo - Comic Artist
Meldor Labs Ryvah Card Game - Card Illustrations
Moonlight - Toner
Alia -  Colorist

What role do you do as dokutoku team?
In Dokutoku, I'm usually involved as a toner and sometimes help a bit in creature design. Though you could say that there's very little room for monsters in a shojo manga, lol. Beside that I also work as some sort of  "public relation" for them and an "agent". I'd do some pencilling, inking and coloring too some times.

So, how did Dokutoku started from your point of view?
It all started when I'm in college. Yuen was my college-mate in Industrial Design Major, and we were showing off some drawings at one time. We even collaborated on a comic contest for a local magazine with another friend. After that, I was introduced to Y2 ,Julia and Wels. To summarize it, we then decided to make a manga club, aiming to rule the world with shojo. The target never changed, by the way.

And why did you choose a certain style?
I grew up with a lot of comics. In the 80's American and European Comics were booming, and I started copying the art style. And then in the 90's manga entered publication in Indonesia, and manga became the trend. Manga had a simplicity that is interesting to me, so I was learning deeper in it. But truth be told, I want to try my hands on all other styles.

Do you have any favorite projects so far?
My favorite project at the moment is the weekly comic strip "Sandra and Woo".  It basically reinvents my thoughts for comics, and the animal themes fits me well. I learn a lot in art of comic from this project alone. I would love to draw it forever,if I could.

How do you manage to always stay motivated?
Self motivating is a must... but deadline is the most powerful motivation I have ever stumbled into, lol.... When I get bored, hanging out with the crew usually turns everything cheerful again (instead of sulking on the drawing board, spreading aura of the darkness to people around)

What is your dream project?
Children's books. I grew up with them, and it never lost its charms on me. Of course making my own comic is also another dream I wish to realize in the near future. I'm guilty for dreaming too much instead of working on it lol.

How do you usually spend your weekend?
Spending time with my family, and of course, the gang. Or maybe just spending the idle time going fishing. Just giving time to enjoy life after all those deadlines.

Could you tell us what  hardware and software you are using?
Intel Pentium Core 2 Duo
The holy tablet Graphire 2
Manga studio for sketching and drawing, and Photoshop for coloring/editing

Mention  your biggest influence?
Too many to mention. The more I look, the more talented people rises. It's endless. I may subconsciously take some influence from this person, and another from the other. My favorite artists thus far are Sean Gordon Murphy, Adam Hughes, Joe Madureira, Osamu Tezuka and dozens more which I rudely forgot to mention here.

On average, how long it does take to finish your work?
I set my own deadline before the real one, and try to be as efficient as possible. Sometimes this work, when there's only a couple of projects. But when there's so many, juggling tasks between each one is an art itself, lol...

What is your favorite time to do your work?
I prefer to work in the morning to noon. I try not to do too many late night working in rows if possible. I don't intend to die young on the drawing desk, lol... I don't do Art bushido...Life has to be enjoyed too.

What part of the work do you like most?
I have to say pencilling/inking characters. Drawing animals and cartoon is my passion.

So far, what is your biggest achievement?
Finishing work before deadline. Getting thumbs up from clients.

What do you think is the key to be succesfull artist?
Draw,draw,draw,look at the others' progression, and do more drawing.

What do you like to draw most? Why?
Fantasy creatures, animals, children. Things adventurous. Because I like that kind of genre.

What do you think about your job now?
Two words. LOVE.IT

Do you have any favorite colour? Why?
Blue. But I seem to like green characters too. So it's partial blue and green.

What should you have in your work zone?
A tablet, snack (drawing requires uh,... lots of energy). And cats to keep company. Working alone in the middle of the night is depressing. I keep a variety of pets just to keep things lively. They on the other hand, thinks I'm a good pet-slave.

What your most difficult challenge so far?
Drawing is a challenge itself. I have so  many things I realize must be improved when working. Especially when trying to find out what a client really expects from you.

Self-taught or formally educated?
Self learning from books, hahaha. Reading people's tutorials... I graduated from ITB Industrial Design, but of course it does not teach comics, lol...

Mention your guilty pleasure.
Seafood and Japanese cuisine. I'm mad about them. Those sushis are just so irresistible.