Michael Yakutis


Michael Yakutis (Yak-oo-tis) is an award winning artist born and raised in central California. He has been working in comics since 2010 in a variety of mediums, and these days he works primarily as a digital colorist. Besides comics, he has also produced art for books, games, apparel, and storyboards.

Michael is constantly striving to learn more about the craft of making comics and produce quality work. His mission is to be of service and inspire others.

Shi No Kage #1-7 (Blackbox Comics)
A Redistribution Of Wealth (Blackbox Comics)
Gaslighters #1-4 (Gaslighters Comics)
Ascension #1-4 (Foundation Comics)
Department of Truth #13 (The Comic’s Vault variant)
Nita Hawes’ Nightmare Blog #1 (The Comic’s Vault variant)
Stan Lee’s “God Woke” (Shatner Singularity)
William Shatner’s “War Chronicles” (Shatner Singularity)


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