Mary Christi

Manga Artist, Penciller

What role do you do as dokutoku team?
I’m a pencil artist, specializing in shoujo manga style. I’m also an inker. Depending on the project, I sometimes also handle the scripts, storyboard, and toning. It;s just a matter of mix and match with the rest of the team.

So, how did Dokutoku started from your point of view?
It’s a destiny!! Actually, some of Dokutoku’s member already met at a drawing course. But the funny thing was we didn’t really know each other well back then. We’re just acquaintances. Years passed without any meetings, though I was still in touch regularly with Yuen. She invited me to come over to meet ‘old friends’ again. It was around year 2000 I think, when I collaborated ‘professionally’ with them. Since then, we became a team and friends

And why did you choose a certain style?
It was love at the first sight with manga called “Candy Candy”. I feel it is something that I wanna do, I want to make this kind of thing. The story, the character, all of them make me want to choose my career as a manga artist.

Do you have any favorite projects so far?
Hm… I love all my projects… but for now it would be “Mint Rain”, my original story. That’s what I’ve been working right now when this interviewed was asked. I put so many effort in this manga to make it as great as I want it, so it ‘s really special to me. It’s brainwashing me to the point that I even dreamed it in my sleep.

How do you manage to always stay motivated?
I went crying to Y2 and shouted “Please motivate me!!!” Lol. I read comics by my favourite mangaka or do my own illustration project.
(I’m the type of person who will get motivated by candy rather than some whipping , so anyone want to offer me some candy? :D) It just fills my energy to go on.

What is your dream project?
A project that will bring people acknowledge me as good comic artist.

How do you usually spend your weekend?
Every day is weekend for me, lol… just do everything I want to do not bound by day, weekend could be work day for me…it’s just like any other day. I do what I want to do and what I have to do.

Could you tell us what  hardware and software you are using?
Hardware: Pencil, Paper, and that eraser and ruler thing.
Software: My Brain v. 0.3

Mention  your biggest influence?
My friends of course. It’s like a challenge and rival kinda thing that can make me develop my skill further. I also get much influenced by the many mangas from Hana to Yume and Lala magazine published by Hakusensha.

On average, how long it does take to finish your work?
Deadline + 1 day. Hahahahaha…just kidding….
It’s must be by the time of the deadline came. No matter what, it gotta be that deadline. Why they called it “dead”line anyway…it’s make it more scarier than ever. I gotta have a deadline otherwise, it would take more improvement right here and there.

What is your favorite time to do your work?
Most of the time is at night but sometimes whenever when this some crazy or urgent inspiration that came straight in to my head and heart that I must worked on it right than. Beside that, the most favorite time is when I can get work with others. I really really enjoying the time working with them!!

What part of the work do you like most?
Pencilling. I love drawing people. I love drawing background less than the character, however when I get it done, it give me a big pleasure.

What do you think is the key to be succesfull artist?
Luck, talent, and hardwork. Mostly hardwork!!

What do you like to draw most? Why?
From this moment, I would say my characters from my projects.

What do you think about your job now?

Do you have any favorite colour? Why?
White, Pink and natural colour but I love all colour depending on the mood.

What should you have in your work zone?
My color mechanic pencil. And while I like to be alone when making stories, I prefer to have a company when I draw (Hmmm it’s weird, I know…)

What your most difficult challenge so far?
Drawing beautiful boys and girls, perfectly proportioned anatomy, drawing gesture, beautiful creases and hair, animal, cars….oh my…I can’t do anything perfectly….The more you know the less you know

Self-taught or formally educated?
Self educated with guidance from the master

Mention your guilty pleasure.
Sleeping like a bear all day long or playing game all day long…

My Boy Friend’s An Anime Character – Penciller
My Plushie And Me – Penciller


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