While I totally agree 100% with supporting local companies with your business, sometimes those LOCAL BUSINESSES work hard to make it difficult to bring business to them.

As example: I needed some large posters printed for an event, so I reached out on a local printer's website, following their instructions for a quote. Three days later after no response, I emailed them. No answer. So I called them, gave them the info including my event date deadline, and it sounded as though it was their first time getting my quote request.

"I'll get back to you," the printer said regarding the quote. After three more days of no follow-up, I ordered the posters online from a big printer and had them in my hands two days later.

On the DAY of the event, the local printer sent me a quote of more than DOUBLE the printer I used and requiring a two-week turn-around.

Clearly the local printer neither wanted nor needed my business.