Kevin Juaire


The purchase of a Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories at the age of four (actually my grandmother paid for it) began a lifelong love of comics. By 1979 I was purchasing every comic published by Marvel or D.C. including the numerous reprint titles. Reading such diverse material from the Golden Age to present was my Comic Book writing apprenticeship.

Sometime in the late Seventies I made my first submission to a publisher. “Dial H for Hero had been revived by D.C. Comics and I sent in a brilliant concept. Unfortunately for them, they failed to recognize my genius. A trend, I might add, that seems to continue even today.

In 1982 I achieved the culmination of a comic book collector’s dream. I opened my own Comic Book shop which I ran until 1999. During this time I continued to develop numerous concepts for my still unrealized ambition of becoming the next Stan Lee (Honestly, I would have settled for being the next Gerry Conway).

One fateful day, a Mr. David Campiti wandered into my shop and the rest as they say is history. Long story short, Dave was very committed (not to be confused with having been committed) to achieving a career in comics and was eager to collaborate with other like minded individuals. A partnership was formed due in part to Dave being very impressed with my ability to create concepts and plotlines seemingly at ease (some naysayers would suggest Dave simply didn’t know anyone because he was new to town and I was the first comic book person he encountered). I saw in Dave an individual with drive, ambition, knowledge of the medium and most importantly, a typewriter!

Many collaborations later and Dave is now the Head Honcho of Glass House and I’m selling cameras and film to tourists on Cape Cod. (Somebody please hire me!) I should note that in the past, though my career is not high profile, most of the artists I worked with became big talents shortly after our collaborations. Check out this list: Bart Sears, Ron Lim, Tom Lyle, Doug Hazelwood, Tom Vincent. There is some inverse relationship where the more obscure I remain the more successful the artists become. My point being, If you want to create a hot artist, team him with me.

GREYLORE (New Sirius Publishing)
G. I. RAMBOT (Wonder Color Comics)
TERRA-1 Miniseries (Abril Comics)
HERO ALLIANCE (Pied Piper Graphics, Innovation)
POWER FACTOR (Pied Piper Graphics, Innovation)
21st SENTRY A.D. (D.C. Comics New Talent Showcase)
SHADOW CHILDREN (Red Giant Entertainment)
MAGIKA (Red Giant Entertainment)


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