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Kevin Enhart is born in Belle-Ile en Mer, France. He began writing and drawing as a kid and, as a teen, got awarded for a few short stories, and wins three comic book contests. After studying History of Art and Cinema in High School at Rennes, he writes or directs some few short films.

In 2010, he officially becomes a professional illustrator and comic book artist, before colouring some various titles.

From 2013, he’s an illustrator for Upper Deck Entertainment, a comic book colourist and a storyboarder and concept artist for film. He co-writes and provides the art for a web-comics called “The Heindrich Project”, before writing a one shot that would eventually got published by Hound Comics.

In 2015, Kevin joins Titan Comics for colouring various series, from Puss in Boots to Vikings or Warhammer 40.000. He also writes a chronicle about comics and cinema in French cinema magazine l’Ecran Fantastique, and teaches cinema in a high school.

Today, he works as storyboarder for commercials, and keeps working on comics, while preparing his first professional short film.
He lives near Paris with his wife Carine, an art teacher, and their two kids.

Writing Credits
Boys at War (awarded shot story - France)
Under the Bed (France)
Fantasmagoria (horror stories compilation – France)
L’Ecran Fantastique (French cinema Magazine)

Short Films writings
A Quiet Conversation Piece (from Charles Bukowski)
Folie Douce
Pizza Speed (a collection of humorous fake commercials)

The Heindrich Project (co-writer – webcomics)
The Heindrich Project : Aftermath (webcomics)
The Heindrich Project : Ground Zero One Shot (Hound Comics)
Satanic Hell #1-7 (Zeno Telos Press)

Artist Credits
Illustrator / Book Cover Artist
Legendary Encounters : Alien (Upper Deck Entertainment)
Legendary Encounters : Predator (Upper Deck Entertainment)

Novels with David Owain Hughes:
Wind Up Toy
Broken Plaything
White Walls and Straitjackets
Choice Cuts : a Collection of the Grim & Grotesque
The Rack & Cue
What goes Around
Fuck the Rules
Psychological Breakdown
South by Southwest Wales

Colorist Credits
Returned (One Shot)
Puss in Boots #1-3 (Titan Comics)
Penguins of Madagascar #3 (Titan Comics)
Warhammer 40.000 : Dawn of War #1-4 (Titan Comics)
Anno Dracula #1-5 (Titan Comics)
Warhammer 40.000 : Deathwatch #1-4 (Titan Comics)

Storyboard Artist Credits
Folie Douce
219 (Adhesive Production – France)
Commercials for :
Parrot Drones
ESB Dublin

Film/Short film Director/Co-Director Credits
Folie Douce (with Pierre-Marie Pasco)
Segments from Parrot Drones Commercials (and VFX Supervisor)