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Kokka Party - Programmer
My Girl’s Memorial - Penciller
Eye to Heart - Penciller
Winter Wonderland’s Game - Art and Programmer
School Girl’s Game - Art and Programmer
Runaway Model’s Game - Art and Programmer
Beach Girl’s Game - Art and Programmer
Night Party’s Game - Art and Programmer
Ay’s Diary - Art
Moonlight Element - Penciller and inker
Arcana Princes - Penciller
Chipmunk Playland Games Projects - Art, animation, and Programmer
Smooch's How to Animation - Art, animation, and Programmer

What role do you do as dokutoku team?
Mostly my job is as a penciller but whenever needed i do inking and coloring too. I would like to be the manager of the team also but each of the group already know their responsibility so there is no need for managing them. If that the case, I spend my time  playing games [for research purpose .....really]

So, how did Dokutoku started?
My clone (Y2) introduced me to her pen-pal,and to make it short, one thing lead to another, we ended up working as a group who have the same hobby and vision. By the time we realize it,  we've fallen in love with this job and I left my job as an accountant.

And why did you choose a certain style?
Actually it depends on what am I most interest with, when I was a kid, my clone and me read the series of "Martine" Series [Gilbert Delahaye - Marcel Marlier] and together we start to know the world of drawing. Start from there we know cartoon, manga, comic and animation. Its fun, challenging, satisfying, and deliberating. Its another world where you can be anything, do anything, try anything, and of course by the time we grew up it become what client want. In short sentence,its what I'm interested with.

Do you have any favorite projects so far?
Everything including beautiful women, I like making cute faces and doing some fashion design. Not every project requires it ,[sigh] but I got the full satisfaction from it.

How do you manage to always stay motivated?
Internet, video games [GTA San Andreas], movies, music, TV commercial, friends specially my teammate who somehow manage to do something miraculously silly, my clone [Y2], Cadburry Dairy Milk, new stationary [its so powerful I can draw mostly when the stationary is new], pocari sweat drink, karaoke [for stress release], children [not my own, i don't have one yet], stranger [love to meet new people], sale discount at stores[the power of sale another key for me to get back to work] , and the last but not the least, DEADLINE!

What is your dream project?
Building a theme park. I imagine this since someone offered us to do it but unfortunately he delayed the project because he is busy. I wish to build a place where people feel comfortable and can loose the stress and get reminded again how beautiful, how full of hope, how there is still many chances, how there is people out there who care.

How do you usually spend your weekend?
Hanging out with family and friends, stop doing work except there is a deadline but mostly I managed to stop working for a day. [although I'm still sketching and do some pencil but its for fun]

What are your hardware and software?
Hardware : Pentium, CPU
Software : Flash, Photoshop, and Manga Studio, The Sims ... ops

What is your biggest influence?
Environment [friends, people, movie and music] plus my own imagination and believe. Family is a major influence specially my clone, luckly my mom decided to make a clone when I was in her womb. So I was born with my clone who sometimes is similar with me and mostly not [for real].

How long it does to finish your work?
It depends on deadline, somehow manage to finished it on time. If the time is longer I like to do a little experiment and all  the thing that took longer than it should be, I like to try what if I do this what if I do that  kind of thing.

What is your favorite time to do your work?
Afternoon, at night, and whenever I get together with friends, ideas comes in easily and I'm happier. I like working with other people, but it is when I'm with my teammates that my brain seems to work harder.

What part of the work do you like most?
Making simple game projects right now. I've made  point and clik, dress up, and catch game. I'm learning and it's fun. The way you get to finished is the best, and when I push my clone to be a game tester is the best. She will be straigh forward with it, and if her answer doesn't satisfy me, I can "torture" her [which never happen so far]  Lol.

What is your biggest achievement?
Finishing making a simple game. I self-taught myself about the flash from zero points so it's fun to be able to finished it. I like things that I like to try if it succeeded, it gave me so much pleasure.There's also the time when I and my clone making simple animation to be used for commercial product that is displayed on one big and famous mall where my other relative can actually saw it, at least they won't ask again."Are you working?"

What do you think is the key to be succesfull artist?
Never stop learning, faith, and life attitude.

What do you like to draw mostly? Why?
Beautiful gals and woman, I also like cute things, simple art that says many things. I like to see something that gives hope and warms the the heart of anyone who sees it.

What do you think about your job now?
I really love my job! I like to think I can learn something from my current job.

Do you have any favorite colour? Why?
Yellow!! When I was a baby, in order to differentiate my clone and myself, our parent always put yellow on my things and red on her. I like it that it's bright and shiny, it gives you spirit and it brightens your color. I would say yellow is essential.

What should do you have in your workzone?
Pencil, eraser, PC and CPU, internet, mineral water, and my cell phone.

What your most difficult challenge so far?
Sitting for 3 hours straight when working. After a while I will start walking around, going in a circle and maybe do something to annoy my teammate . After this ritual I will be able to sit again. And then repeat cycle.

Self-taught or formally educated?
Self taught, and wise people's guidance.