Jane Eliane

Manga Artist, Penciller, Writer

What role do you do as dokutoku team?
I do script writing and storyboard. Mostly I’m responsible on checking finished project and take on tone/rastering projects.

So, how did Dokutoku started from your point of view?
When I’m still in high school, I met a new pen-friend. Then one day, we met at my home. And we got an idea to make manga together. She brought her twin sister too. And I asked 2 my college friends along. They are very talented for making comics. With them, so we have 5 girls on the team.

And why did you choose a certain style?
I always love Japan from when I’m still a little girl. I also watched Americans cartoon like Disney etc.. And I love it. But when I saw Japanese anime for the first time, I feel like this is what I’ve been searching for. It started my ambition to make manga. I made my first Japanese manga at 10 and still love the style till now

Do you have any favorite projects so far?
I love all my projects. Still, what I love best is the newest one. It’s got new vibe and whole new surprises that compels me.

How do you manage to always stay motivated?
I made my own schedule on excel and I try my best to fulfill it. When I manage to get it done right on the schedule, it fully satisfies me. However, in other hand, the feeling when you make manga by your own hand, the freedom, the planning, and the finishing are just great. I just feel great when making manga!!

What is your dream project?
Become an RPG story maker!! What inspired me most is the story from Suikoden series. I will never forget any of the story, 108+ characters, and my feelings when I played the game. I wish I can write such marvelous story just like that. I know that’s impossible right now, but I believe in miracle ♡.

How do you usually spend your weekend?
Searching references. Mostly I get it by playing online games and otome games. It really helps me to develop new stories or just get me new ideas.

Could you tell us what hardware and software you are using?
Hardware: Pentium IV, Wacom, Canon Printer and camera. Hp Scanner
Software: Manga studio IV, Photoshop CS3

Mention  your biggest influence?
I was influenced by so many masterpieces. My story inspiration comes from the great Walt Disney’s, Otome games, Ghibli’s masterworks, and Doraemon. However, my art style is mostly influenced by Majutsushi Orphen, Scryed, La Corda d’Oro, and Tokimeki Memorial.

On average, how long it does take to finish your work?
I got distracted easily or just focusing to much on one thing. Hahahaha. However, working with my team mate, they can tell you to get it done in the right exact time or visa versa.

What is your favorite time to do your work?
Night time. I can concentrate and focus more.

What part of the work do you like most?
I like to imagine the projects and making storyboarding is very exciting for me. Of course, the best part is when I compared my messy storyboard with complete perfect pages.

So far, what is your biggest achievement?
When I published my own manga

What do you think is the key to be succesfull artist?
Creative, always ask and learn from the masters.

What do you like to draw most? Why?
I like drawing pretty boys. Why? Because they live inside me, I can ask or speak with them until finally I know exactly about their characters. Drawing lively characters is essential if you want to make a LIVELY manga. Well, to do that I have to improve my drawing too. Humans mostly, especially the face part.

What do you think about your job now?
I think my job is the most enjoying jobs compared to other people. But then again, I like it so much sometimes I feel guilty, because maybe other team member want this part that I working on.

Do you have any favorite colour? Why?
When I’m little, it would be red and blue. But now, Pink and pastels. They are girly and cute. They have sweet sense of color.

What should you have in your work zone?
Pencil and paper, eraser are enough. With internet and wacom, they became perfect.

What your most difficult challenge so far?
Making background manually

Self-taught or formally educated?
Self-taught with guidance from a master.

My Girl’s Memorial (Story, Layout, Toning)
My Boyfriend’s An Anime Character (Layout, Toning)
My Plushie and Me (Layout, Toning)
Hedgehog and Me (Layout, Toning)
Private Collection (Story, Layout, Toning)
Contraste (Pencil, Character)
Rena’s Smile (Toning)
Mint Rain (Toning)
Zeitnot (Toning)
Last Seduction (Toning)


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