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Federico Vicentini (born July 4, 1989) is a comic book artist. After graduating from art school, he attended the comics course at the International School of Comics and he graduated with honors. Since 2011 he participates every year at the “24 Hour Comics Day” in Villanova del Ghebbo, and in 2013 he drew the poster of the event. In 2012 he won the first place in the Clodia Comics contest and in 2013 he won the third place in the contest “Polesine noir” of Rovigo Comics where he takes part, since the first edition, as an illustrator at the event. In 2013 he collaborates as inker to the pages of Diabolik for the special 50 years sponsored by Delta Comics (Rovigo). He illustrated some lyrics for the project “Instant Songs” by the singer Massimo Bubola. He collaborated at the realization of a comic episode for the project “Rural Emotion”, set in Asiago, of “Avventure di Almorò”, for the association G.A.L. Patavino. He made some pages for the issues 4 and 7 of “Capitan Venezia.