Elisa “Pocci” Pocetta

Colorist, Penciller

Born in 1990 in Avezzano, Italy, she attended the International School of Comics, where she studied ‘comics arts’. After graduated, she started to work on a webcomic,”Hi/Lo”, and it has been noticed by Shockdom Editions, that decided to publish it in an anthology
 called ‘Yin’.

2014_ The legend of the Cats Lady. Story and screenplay: Salvatore Callerami.
Short Story made for the first volume of Dandelion, by Salvatore Callerami.
Published by Shockdom Editions.

2014_ The Queen of the Forest.
Illustration for the 2015 Niriides Calendar.

first episode in the anthology ‘Yin’, Shockdom Editions.
 HYPERLINK “http://www.shockdom-store.com/fumetti/97-yin-1.html”http://www.shockdom-store.com/fumetti/97-yin-1.html

Hi/Lo is her last work and it continues here as weekly webcomic.


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