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Attended Full Sail in Winter Park, Fl for a degree in Computer Animation, after which I decided to pursue my love of comics as a Digital Colorist. I've been working and honing my skills in the industry as an independent colorist for 14 years. I also excel in photo compositing and digital paint overs

Pink Power




House By The Cemetery

Wasteland 1980



Where were you born?  Where did you grow up?

Born in Lansing MI, Grew up in Alpena MI


Schooling?  Art training?
I attended Full Sail in Winter Park FL. and graduated with a degree in Computer Animation
How long have you been working professionally in comics?
About 14 Years in the independent market 

What things -- both in art and otherwise -- have you worked on, besides comics?  Are comics a full-time gig for you or part-time?

I have done photo compositing and touch up work for advertising firms and yes, comics is a full time gig for me 

Talk about how you broke into the business --was it easy? Hard? Ups? Downs? Any interesting anecdotes? When you held your first published work in your hands, how did you feel?

"Breaking in" took years till my work was at a level, as to garner interest in paying publishers. It's still a struggle finding steady work, as the "Industry" is on a hopefully short lived downturn.

Did you work as an assistant to any other artists? If so, please talk a bit about those experiences.
No, I didn´t.

How did your parents take to the idea of working in comics?
My mom told me art was a fine hobby, but I needed to get a "real" job 

How would you describe your workspace? Is it part of your home, or do you go "to the studio"?
I work at home. I have a designated office where I work

What job are you the proudest of?  What's your most embarrassing?
I´m extremely proud of the work I did on the comic adaptation of William Lustig's 1980 Maniac.

What are you currently drawing?  Comments on that project?
I'm currently working on some indie books but am looking for more mainstream work

What projects do you hope to work on in the future?
I would love to work for Dark Horse or some darker titles for DC or Marvel

Where do you see yourself in five years?  ten?
Still grinding it out, doing what I love

What is the interest in comics where you live? Do friends and neighbors know you draw comics for a living?  How do they react?
People always say "You work in comics? That is so cool, how does it pay?

What's 1 thing you'll always find in your refrigerator?

What's your favorite food?


What are your favorite interests --Movies?  Music?  TV?  Any hobbies?  Sports?
Movies, video games, TV

Have you ever thought of writing your own stories?

Ever been in a gang?
Nope. Closest has been cooking in a restaurant kitchen with a bunch of Ne'r Do Well's

Do you have any great, unsold projects in your files that nobody's gotten to see published?
Not that I know of

Complete list of published credits?
Pink Power, Zombie, Laserblast, Maniac, House By The Cemetery, Wasteland 1980, Hatchet, Zorro

If you weren't a comic-book artist today, what would you be?

A chef

Have you taught comic-book art or had any assistants?  If so, talk about that.

I have hired many flatters over the years

The single thing you'd most like to be remembered for in your life is...?
Dependable and creative