Chis Arieswendha


Entering comic book industry since 1996 as cartoonis and comic illustrator for magazines, kids tabloid and news papers.

Focus as an inker since 2014. Have worked for several indie publishers with pencilers including Ardian Syaf (Bilal, Keumalahayati), Chris Batista (Ned Kelly), and Donny Hadiwijaya (tape Dance Killer).

As inker

1. Ned Kelly #2, #3 (Convict Comics)
( )
2. Til Death Do Us Part (Convict Comics)
3. Esmee (Geeky Kid Comics UK)—882014.html
4. Tap Dance Killer #3 #4 #5 (Hero Tomorrow Comics) 5. Bilal (Syafq Comic)
6. Macan Putin #1 #2 #3

As Colorist: 1. Equator Emerald #0 #1 # 2 (Punakawan Studio)
2. Godam Reborn (Metha Studio)
3. Keumalahayati (Keana Production)
4. Vice 9 (MF Comics)


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