Marcos Marz: Credits

Detective Comics 825 (2006) Batman Confidential (4 issues- 2007) Ms. Marvel (2009) Catwoman (2009) Green Lantern Blackest Night (2009) Secret Six (2011) Iron Man (2014)

Juan Gutierrez: Credits

Violet descends 2 – Panico Press Transient of the stars – Panico Press Megan’s broods – Spiral Opus. The dead draw – Picture books The Blank – Picture books other independent projects:Tailwind Self clean

Noel Cabrera: Credits

Black Nymph Art LLC Co-Founder/Senior Illustrator As a co-founder and senior illustrator at Black Nymph art, I am responsible for managing the company’s original and external projects, finding potential clients, and leading a five-member team. I have collaborated with clients such as Bilibili Comics and Ancient 8. July 2015 – Present Delaware, United States Cyber […]

Cristhian Zamora: Credits

Upcoming Titles:_Convergence: A Ligue of Legends Story – miniseries written by John O’Bryan – Riot Games _Kindoki :Zro – written by Larry Moulthery _Horse of the River – Graphic Novel written by John Freeman Previously published works: _ The Precinct issues #1 to #5_ (Dynamite Entertainment) _ Vampirella Annual: Prelude to Shadows_(Dynamite Entertainment) _ Swords […]

Michael Yakutis: Credits

Shi No Kage #1-7 (Blackbox Comics) A Redistribution Of Wealth (Blackbox Comics) Gaslighters #1-4 (Gaslighters Comics) Ascension #1-4 (Foundation Comics) Department of Truth #13 (The Comic’s Vault variant) Nita Hawes’ Nightmare Blog #1 (The Comic’s Vault variant) Stan Lee’s “God Woke” (Shatner Singularity) William Shatner’s “War Chronicles” (Shatner Singularity)

Ichsan Ansori: Credits

Miracle Kingdom Comic (Scout comic) – Pages 1 – 4Nexus (Dark Horse) – Pages 5 – 8Thin Blue Line – Pages 9 – 10Territory Comic – Pages 11 – 12Sacrifice Comic – Pasges 13 – 14

Dario Formisani: Credits

* The Cannibal Family n.18 – La vergine di Norimberga (Edizioni Inkiostro) * Padre Brown vol. 2 – Le stelle volanti (ReNoir Comics) * Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Teatime #1 (BOOM! Studios) * Queen en BD (Éditions Petit à Petit)

Toni Sardina: Credits

Comic Scripting– De Bello Philosophorum (Edizioni Ex-Libris – 2020) – Detroit 23/05 (Noisepress – 2020) – Kinnìk Ennàk (Shockdom – 2021) – Sentinel (Shockdom – 2021) Lettering– The Girl from Farris’s (Edgar Rice Burroughs – from 2018) – #UomoinCamicia (Noisepress – 2019) – De Bello Philosophorum (Edizioni Ex-Libris – 2020) – Detroit 23/05 (Noisepress – […]

Gioacchino Castellese: Credits

2019 Graduated from Grafimated Cartoon Comic Book’s School in Palermo (Italy) 2020-2021 Digital colorist for GFB Colorist Group Specialized in flat colors and lights / shadows 2021 Digital Illustrator for TurnMeRoyal Company

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