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An award-winning author, Bobby Nash writes novels, comic books, short stories, novellas, graphic novels, and the occasional screenplay for a variety of publishers. A comprehensive list of Bobby’s published titles and upcoming releases can be found at Bobby is a member of the International Association of Media Tie-in Writers and International Thriller Writers. On occasion, Bobby appears in movies and TV shows.

He was named Best Author in the 2013 Pulp Ark Awards. Rick Ruby, a character co-created by Bobby and author Sean Taylor also snagged a Pulp Ark Award for Best New Pulp Character of 2013. Bobby has also been nominated for the 2014 New Pulp Awards and Pulp Factory Awards for his work. Bobby’s novel, Alexandra Holzer’s Ghost Gal: The Wild Hunt won a Paranormal Literary Award in the 2015 Paranormal Awards. The Bobby Nash penned episode of Starship Farragut “Conspiracy of Innocence” won the Silver Award in the 2015 DC Film Festival. Bobby’s story in The Ruby Files Vol. 2 “Takedown” was named Best Short Story in the 2018 Pulp Factory Awards, one of five nominations for The Ruby Files Vol. 2 (created by Bobby Nash & Sean Taylor). Bobby’s digest novel, Snow Drive was nominated for Best Novel in the 2018 Pulp Factory Awards.

For more information on Bobby Nash please visit him at and across social media. If you see him walking around a convention or bookstore, please say hi and make sure he’s not lost.

Where were you born?  Where did you grow up?
I was born in Atlanta, Georgia. I have lived in Georgia all my life. I currently live about 50 some odd miles east of Atlanta in the tiny town of Bethlehem.
Schooling?  Art training?
Nothing of note. I took a home study writing course once that really didn’t amount to much. I took a non-credit writing class at the University of Georgia once where I learned a great deal. I wrote my first published novel, Evil Ways while taking that class.
How long have you been working professionally in comics?
My first published work happened in 1992. It was hit or miss for a while there. In 2000, I started scripting Demonslayer in 2000, which led to other work. My first novel, Evil Ways was released in 2005. It’s been pretty busy since then writing comics, novels, short stories, and screenplays.
What things — both in art and otherwise — have you worked on, besides comics?  Are comics a full-time gig for you or part-time?
I do a little bit of everything, I think. I write comics, novels, short stories, and have also dabbled in screenplays. I also do a little bit of art, but usually sketches and the odd pin up. Right now, writing is a full-time gig.
Talk about how you broke into the business –was it easy? Hard? Ups? Downs? Any interesting anecdotes? When you held your first published work in your hands, how did you feel?
Breaking into comics is a weird thing. No two creators seem to do it the same way. I sat down one night in 1999 and emailed every comic publisher with a website (these were the days of dial up) and introduced myself and asked if I could show them my work. I figured, nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? Only one publisher responded and that was to say thanks, but they were shuddering their operations but would keep my name on file just in case things changed. A year later, things changed. The publisher’s book had moved to a new publisher. After a time, the scripter was moving on and I was contacted to see if I was interested in working on the book, called Demonslayer. I did and worked on it for a few years. So, I guess I’m one of the few who got in by submitting.
Did you work as an assistant to any other writers? If so, please talk a bit about those experiences.
No. I’ve met some wonderfully creative writers since I started writing professionally. I have learned a lot from them.

How did your parents take to the idea of working in comics?
My parents never really understood my love of comics, but after a time they saw how serious I was about pursuing writing and they were supportive. Once I became a published author, they were some of my biggest cheerleaders.

How would you describe your workspace?
Is it part of your home, or do you go “to the studio”?
I would describe my workspace as cramped and cluttered. I have a small space set aside in the house. I used to have a separate room that was my office, but that’s not an option at present.

What job are you the proudest of?  What’s your most embarrassing?
I am most proud of the Edgar Rice Burroughs’ At The Earth’s Core graphic novel I did with Jamie Chase for Dark Horse. Not only is it one of the best selling comics I’ve done, but it was well received by Burroughs fans, pulp fans, and comic fans alike. That is always a great feeling.
Most embarrassing is tough. There are a few projects where I’m embarrassed by the second book not coming out for whatever reason. I Am Googol, Crimson Moon, Fuzzy Bunnies From Hell, and Bloody Olde Englund material that was released all ended on cliffhangers or with the story unfinished. I hated that for the readers who picked up the beginning of the story and didn’t get the end.

What are you currently writing?  Comments on that project?
I’m currently writing the 4th book in the Snow series called Snow Trapped. Once it’s done and off to BEN Books for edits, I’m back at work on the first book in the Hunter Houston: Horror Hunter series for Falstaff Books.

Talk about your Family: Parents, siblings, home situation. Are you Married? Have kids? Anecdotes about married life, how it relates to your busy schedule, etc. If you have kids do they understand your job? What do they say about it? Do they read comics?

I’m not married and have no kids. For the past couple of years, I have been a full-time caretaker for my parents. My mother passed away last year, which really impacted my work habits. My dad has recovered from his ailments so now I am back to writing full-time and playing catch up. I have a brother. He doesn’t really read my work. My parents did when I gave it to them.

What projects do you hope to work on in the future?
I hope to continue to work on great characters. A dream gig would be to write the Fantastic Four at least once.

Where do you see yourself in five years?  ten?

I would like to see myself making a decent living as a writer. I’m not quite there, but I’m working on it. I also wouldn’t mind seeing the words New York Times Bestselling Author in front of my name. I think that would be cool.

What is the interest in comics where you live? Do friends and neighbors know you write comic books for a living?  How do they react?
Georgia has a lot of comic shops and readers so that’s good. A lot of people know I write, or have something to do with books, but most don’t really understand it. A lot of people think what I do is pretty cool. The biggest misconception is that most people assume that, because I’m a writer, I’m rich, which I most assuredly am not. I blame TV and movies for this because most of the authors in movies and TV are portrayed as very wealthy.

What’s 1 thing you’ll always find in your refrigerator?

Mt. Dew

What’s your favorite food?

What are your favorite interests –Movies?  Music?  TV?  Any hobbies?  Sports?

I like watching TV and movies. Binge-watching programs is a lot of fun. I also like to read novels and comics.

Ever been in a gang?

Does The Boy Scouts count?

What’s an average day in your life like?  Walk us through a typical day.
Wake up. Check messages and social media. Eat. Shower. Marketing and promotion work, interviews, other assorted writer-related stuff. Eat. Write. Watch TV. Write. Watch TV. Go to bed. Rinse and repeat. Exciting, I know.

Any humorous or interesting anecdotes to tell about the comics business?

I find it hilarious that people who used to make fun of me for reading comics are now coming to me with questions about Thor or Captain America.

Do you have any great, unsold projects in your files that nobody’s gotten to see published?

I have a few. Not sure if any of them are as great as I thought they were at the time I originally wrote them. One of my personal favorite comic scripts written by me has never seen the light of day.

Bobby Nash writes novels, short stories, comic books, magazines, and graphic novels.

The Wraith: Sanderson of Metro (Trinity Comics) 2017
The Adventures of Lance Star: Sky Ranger (reprint collection) (Airship 27 Prod.) 2017
Snow Drive (BEN Books) 2017
85 North (short story collection) (Falstaff Books) 2017
Snow Storm (BEN Books) 2017
Crimson Moon (e-novella) (Pro Se Prod.) 2017
Snow Falls (BEN Books) 2017
Freelancer: The Traveler Sanction (e-novella) (Pro Se Prod.) 2015
Domino Lady “Money Shot” (Moonstone Books) 2014
Alexandra Holzer’s Ghost Gal: The Wild Hunt (Raven’s Head Press) 2014
Frontier (short story collection) (BEN Books) 2013
Fightcard: Barefoot Bones (Fightcard Books) 2013
Samaritan (e-novella) (BEN Books) 2012
Earthstrike Agenda (BEN Books) 2012
Deadly Games! (BEN Books) 2011
FANTASTIX: Code Red (Optic Studios) 2006
Evil Ways (PA) 2005 (re-released 2011 at BEN Books)

Novels in the pipeline for 2018/2019:
The Avenger “Black Water” (Moonstone Books) 2018
Hunter Houston: Horror Hunter Book 1 of 4 (Falstaff Books) 2018
Hunter Houston: Horror Hunter Book 2 of 4 (Falstaff Books) 2018
Hunter Houston: Horror Hunter Book 3 of 4 (Falstaff Books) 2018
Hunter Houston: Horror Hunter Book 4 of 4 (Falstaff Books) 2018
Nightveil: Crisis at the Crossroads of Infinity (Pro Se Prod.) 2018
Domino Lady anthology #2 (Moonstone Books) 2018
Snow Trapped (BEN Books) 2018
Snow Business (BEN Books) 2018
Untitled Snow book #6 (BEN Books) 2018
Evil Intent (BEN Books) 2018
Lance Star: Sky Ranger, Cold Snap (Airship 27) 2019
Secret Agent X Legacy (Pro Se Prod.) 2019

Short Story/anthology:
The Ruby Files Vol. Two (Airship 27 Prod.) 2017
MAMA TRIED — Crime Fiction Inspired by Outlaw Country Music (Down & Out Books) 2016
Sherlock Holmes/Domino Lady (Moonstone Books) 2016
The Black Bat Returns (Moonstone Books) 2016
Earth Station One: Tales of The Station (New Legend Prod.) 2015
The Big Bad II (Dark Oak Press) 2015
Hollis P.I. (Pro Se Prod.) 2014
The New Adventures of Major Lacy and Amusement, Inc. (Pro Se Prod.) 2014
Box Thirteen – Adventure Wanted (Radio Archives) 2014
Lance Star: Sky Ranger Vol. 4 (Airship 27 Prod.) 2014
Zombies Vs Robots: No Man’s Land (IDW Publishing) 2014
Writers for Relief Vol. 3 (WFR charity anthology) 2013
Golden Age Good Girls (Mini Komix) 2013
The New Adventures of The Green Ghost (Pro Se Prod.) 2013
The Spider: Extreme Prejudice (Moonstone Books) 2013
Ravenwood – Stepson of Mystery (Airship 27 Prod.) 2013
The Big Bad (Dark Oak Press) 2013
The Avenger: Roaring Heart of The Crucible (Moonstone Books) 2013
Secret Agent X Vol. 4 (Cornerstone Books/Airship 27) 2012
Green Hornet: Still at Large (Moonstone Books) 2012
The New Adventures of The Eagle (Pro Se Prod.) 2012
The Ruby Files Vol. One (Airship 27 Prod.) 2012
Nightbeat: Night Stories (Radio Archives) 2012
Tales of The Rook (Pro Se Prod.) 2012
Blackthorn: Thunder on Mars (White Rocket Books) 2011
Lance Star: Sky Ranger Vol. 3 (Airship 27 Prod.) 2011
Pro Se Presents Peculiar Adventures #3 (Pro Se Prod.) 2010
Full Throttle Space Tales Vol. 2: Space Sirens (Flying Pen Press) 2009
Sentinels: Alternate Visions (White Rocket Books) 2009
Domino Lady: Sex as A Weapon (Moonstone Books) 2009
Green Hornet Casefiles (Moonstone Books) 2009
A Fistful of Legends (Where Legends Ride) 2009
Lance Star: Sky Ranger Vol. 2 (Cornerstone Books/Airship 27) 2009
Real Magicalism (Demon Press) 2009
Lance Star: Sky Ranger Vol. 1 (reissue) (Cornerstone Books/Airship 27) 2008
Shadow One: Shades of Gray (BEN Books) 2008
Doc Dresden: The Immortal (BEN Books) 2008
Startling Stories issue # 3 (Wildcat Books) 2007
Sentinels Widescreen Special Edition (White Rocket Books) 2007
Startling Stories #3 (Wildcat Books) 2007
Lance Star: Sky Ranger Vol. 1 (Wildcat Books) 2006
Jungle Fantasy issue #1 (Avatar Press) 2002

Short Story/anthologies in the pipeline for 2018/2019:
Pathfinder Adventure Anthology (Dark By Dezign) 2018
Skelos: The Journal of Weird Fiction and Dark Fantasy (Skelos Press) 2019
The Joy of Joe () 2018

Comic Books/Graphic Novels
Domino Lady: Threesome #2 (Moonstone Books) 2016
Domino Lady: Threesome #1 (Moonstone Books) 2016
Edgar Rice Burroughs’ At The Earth’s Core (Dark Horse Comics) 2015
Operation: Silver Moon (BEN Books) 2015
Big Bang Universe #1 (AC Comics) 2015
All-Star Pulp Comics #3 (Redbud Studios) 2015
Of Monsters and Men (Moonstone Books) 2014
Uber-Tales (Demon Press) 2013
Domino Lady/Sherlock Holmes #2 (Moonstone Books) 2013
All-Star Pulp Comics #1 (Redbud Studios) 2011
Domino Lady Vs. Mummy (Moonstone Books) 2011
Bloody Olde Englund #1/2 () 2011
Lance Star: Sky Ranger “One Shot!” (BEN Books) 2010
Urbnpop #1 (Urbnpop) 2010
I Am Googol: The Great Invasion #1 (Point G Comics) 2010
YIN YANG (Arcana Comics) 2009
Shadow One (on-line comic strips) 2009
American Wasteland # 2 (Arcana Comics) 2007
The Comic Book Scripts of Bobby Nash Vol. 1 (BEN Books) 2007
Life in the Faster Lane (on-line comic strips) 2006 – 2010
Fantastix (FYI Comics) 2009
Fuzzy Bunnies From Hell (FYI Comics) 2006
Bubba the Redneck Werewolf #5 (Brass Ball Comics) 2004
Threshold # 45 – 50 (Avatar Press) 2001 – 2002
Demonslayer: multiple issues (Avatar Press) 2000 – 2006
CHC Presents #1 (Classic Hippie Comics) 1997
The Immortal (Odyssey Entertainment) 1996
Roger Rocket Adventures (Roger Rocket Productions) 1995
Weird South (Weird South Comics) 1995
R.O. (Keeping Up With Kids Magazine) 1994 – 2006
Night Glider and Onyx Inc. (Keeping Up With Kids Magazine) 1994 – 1998

Comic Books/Graphic Novels in the pipeline for 2018/2019:
Domino Lady: Threesome [reprints and new material] (Moonstone Books) 2018
Strong Will (New Legend Prod.) 2018

Pacesetter Magazine. Tony Lorenz Prod. (articles, columns, & reviews) Quarterly. 2002 – 2017
Fandom magazine short stories, comic strips, interviews, editing 1995 – 1996
Con*Tour magazine comic strips, interviews, reviews 1995
The Southeastern Comics Guild magazine short stories, scripts, interviews, reviews 1993 – 1994
Odyssey Magazine short stories, scripts, comic strips, interviews, reviews 1990 – 1996
reCON: Fandom’s Guide To Conventions website. interviews, reviews 1990 – 1994

For more information on Bobby Nash please visit
Bobby lives in Bethlehem, Georgia.


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