Writer/Artist/Jinky Coronado is back and she’s powering through this perilous pandemic to bring you a double-dose of BANZAI GIRL printed full-color comic books — her babelicious BANZAI GIRLS SPECTACULAR #1 and a super-sexy BANZAI GIRL FABULOUS FOTO BOOK!

“Fifty-One Shades of Prey” is a startling story featuring Banzai Girl’s family taking place seven years after the birth of Jinky’s baby sister Jasmine. (My last published BANZAI GIRLS regular-sized comic book was actually over a dozen years ago — can you believe it??) This tumultuous tale has only been seen by the fortunate few who pre-ordered my second graphic novel, so it’s never appeared in comic book form until now:

The pitch: “Years after a tragic accident killed one of Jinky’s father’s co-workers, a grieving daughter sets about a perilous plan for revenge — to kill everyone Jinky loves. Her entire family and circle of friends become prey for a woman on a mission of madness. And Banzai Girl once again dons her iconic schoolgirl uniform in a battle for her family’s lives!”

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